The Journey to Discovery

October 7, 2007
My mission of observation began with a bang. I landed Starship XVI in the middle of a bizarre space. I was surrounded by large, green creatures that did not move. They looked furry in texture. I wished to know what they were, so I turned on Starship’s cloaking device and began to walk. I hoped to find some answers about these towering things. I made a note to keep myself hidden, for I knew the stories of my elders well. The dominant species of this place called “Earth” are not very accepting of others and fear our very presence. Nevertheless, I knew my mission and continued onward. I came across many more creatures, much smaller than those that greeted me. They were in many colors and varying sizes; I thought it impossible to know them all.

I continued looking until I came to a large, rectangular thing on posts. Out of curiosity, I touched it, and came across a very new substance. It was brown and had a rough texture. I don’t know why, but I had a feeling the substance was a big part of the green specimens that I first saw on my trip. It wasn’t until I waled around to the other side that I knew where I was. The opposite was much more colorful. It was full of lettering I did not understand. I assumed it was the language of Earth, so I took out my translator. After a few seconds, I discovered that the item was indeed a ‘sign’, a tool used to give Earthlings information. The sign said as follows:
“Protect your National Parks!
The many trees and animals
do not appreciate litter, so be
careful during your stay!”

I was very glad to have found this sign, for learned a bit from it. I deduced the green creatures were ‘trees’ and the smaller creatures were undoubtedly ‘animals’. I had learned from the elders’ tales that National Parks were places for nature to flourish. Nature, here on Earth, involves a lot of green and furry animals. At that moment I remembered another part of the National Park story. Humans spend quite a lot of time in them. Did this mean I could see a human? I had heard many a tale of humans, but to actually see one? That would be most fantastic.

It was then, in my pondering of National Parks, I heard a strange noise. I quickly jumped behind a nearby tree and peered around to see what it had been. Ah! To my extreme delight it was a small cluster of humanoids. Two large and one small. They appeared to be a family of sorts. I could not understand what they were saying, but I don’t think it was necessary. They had a look about them that reminded me of home. It was most mysterious, as I suddenly felt very warm inside. What was happening? I had never experienced something such as this before. The cluster had stopped walking and sat down on some rocks fairly close to where I was hiding. They made a curious noise, all the while with great smiles upon their faces. I remembered some tales the elders had told me. Stories of humans and...what was it?...emotions. I was told emotions were both a blessing and a burden. Anger, Jealousy, Joy- I had learned about them all. But to actually witness one? Amazing! And a wonderful emotion at that.

And so I concluded my mission there. I quietly returned to Starship, saying farewell to all the creatures I met along the way. I am here today to tell you the fruits of my mission. Humans are not to be feared always. They have incredible moments when one wonders- how could there be any hatred in the world called “Earth”? They are afraid and act rashly; but I tell you, they are magnificent creatures! To have emotions is an incredible gift, one not to be taken for granted. In conclusion, we should leave the humans in peace. Their problems can only be solved on their own. Someday, they will learn how to be peaceful, but until then we must be merely observers.

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