October 7, 2007
"Hey Gracie look up at the sky",said Meredith.
"What?",said Gracie.
"I said lookup at the sky",said Meredith.
"Oh my gosh it's only 8:00 am and the day is turning into night",said Gracie very surprised like!
As you can see Gracie is 18 and Meredith her younger sister is 3. And they are pixies and theye have never seen anything like this on Pixieopia.
"Mom, Dad something horrible is happpening on earth and we have no clue what it is and we are trying to calm everyone down", they both screamed at the same time.
Well they stated to sya that Meredith should come back to live with them and Gracie should fight what ever it is alone but they both disagreed with that and at that time Meredith and Gracie transformed into QUeen and princess and of course Gracie became Queen and Meredith beacme the princess of pixieopia.

A couple years later,

They had killed the evil beast and after that Gracie had a beatiful little girl named Angelina but Gracie couldn't keep her child if she didn't get married so Graice got married and had more 3 beatiful girls names were Izzy,Torry,and Kira and they all lived happily ever after.

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