The floating ball

October 10, 2007
“There’s probably a string hanging from it! To make it look like it’s floating in midair. Like an illusion!” Said Jerry.

“Whatever you say.” Mary Rose sighed. Her hand was held out and a blue ball looked as if it was floating in the air.

“See!” Jerry stuck his hand between the floating ball and Mary Rose’s hand. He had caught hold of a string and the ball moved with his hand.

“You take the fun out of everything! Watch this trick.” Mary Rose took the blue ball, pulled the string off of it, and held it in her hand. It turned hue from blue to green, green to red, and red to purple.

“That is just an illusion too. You probably got that ball at a Magic store! I don’t find it very interesting!” Jerry complained.

“Party pooper!” Mary Rose yelled.


“Party pooper!”


Mary Rose went up to Jerry’s ear and pulled out a red ball.
“Can you hear me now?”


“No wonder you couldn’t hear me, you had a ball in your ear!” Mary Rose laughed.

It was a bright summers day, and eight year old Mary Rose and Jerry were playing outside with each other. They didn’t have anything to do, so Mary Rose entertained Jerry with magic tricks. Though he didn’t much appreciate them.

“Watch! I can make this grass dance.” Mary Rose picked a piece of grass, and blew on it. It moved with the breeze and flew out of her hand, into Jerry’s hair.

“Great! Now I will have to take a bath when I get home!” Jerry grumbled.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to get you dirty with only one piece of grass in your hair!” Mary Rose chuckled.

They had been outside for over two hours. Both of them were hot, sweaty, and thirty. They were sitting right under a tree.

“I don’t like any of your tricks! I want to do something else!” Jerry said.

“Well what do you want to do?” Mary Rose scratched her nose. Jerry saw a tattoo in the shape of a green W.

“Why do you have a W on your arm?”

“It’s my symbol of being a Witch.” Mary Rose explained.

“Witches don’t exist! They are a myth! A fairytale! Fiction!” Jerry explained.

“No they aren’t! They are real! True! Alive and well!”

“Well if they are real and you are a Witch. Prove it to me.”

“Sure! What would you like me to do?”

Jerry thought hard. What did he want to see her do that was impossible to do without magic? Something that goes against the laws of physics?


“I don’t have my license yet. Sorry. I can only do small stuff. I’m only in training! I can make a ball change colors!”

“No you can’t! I saw it and it’s only and illusion!”

“It’s not an illusion!” Mary Rose started to get frustrated.

“Yes it is!”

“Believe what you want. But I am a Witch.”

“Where is your broom?” Jerry asked, knowing that she was going to say she didn’t have her license yet and wouldn’t get one until she was a certain age.

“Well, my mother’s broom is getting fixed at the moment and my father is using his. And I don’t get one until I am ten! Then I start to fly! I can’t wait!”

“This is so ridicules! There are no such things as Witches!” Jerry shouted.

“Watch this then!” Mary Rose took off Jerry’s spectacles and broke them in two. Jerry cried out.

“You broke my glasses!”

Mary Rose put her hand over the separation, and after a moment or two, the glasses were the were. “See! I broke and fixed you glasses!” Mary Rose handed the glasses over. Jerry inspected.

“That is just an illusion! Magic isn’t real!”

“Watch this!” Mary Rose took out her blue ball and laid it in her hands.

“Jerry! Come inside! Time for lunch.” Jerry’s mom yelled.

He got up. “See you tomorrow Mary Rose!”
“Ya, see you.”
Jerry turned around. Mary Rose threw the blue ball down to the ground. Though it didn’t touch. It floated in midair. She looked the string in her hand, it wasn’t connected to the ball. It looked as if it was. Jerry was right, is indeed was an illusion. But at the same time he was wrong. She smiled to herself.

That night, when Jerry went to bed, he felt something moving in his hair. He scratched at it. Not knowing that it was a piece of grass dancing in his hair.

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