Simple Mistakes Lead To Big Consequences

October 4, 2007
By chantelle henline, Buckhannon, WV

There was a big farm down the road about 2 miles from where Rea and I lived. The name of the farm was Mobbly Farm; all the kids down at the school called it Ol’ Mob’s. The owner of the farm was a 47 year old man named Eddie. He was very kind and he loved children. Eddie ran a hay ride twice a month in the summer and fall, and in the winter he would invite all of the children in the town to his farm for a snowball fight, sled riding, and a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. If it got too late and you lived a too far away he would let you stay until morning feed you dinner and breakfast the next morning too. Well one night my best friend, Rea and I went over to Ol’ Mob’s for a snowball fight and some hot chocolate, Rea was staying the night at my house. We told my mom that we would be back before 9 o’clock. We left my house at 6:30 and arrived at Ol’ Mob’s at around 7, it wasn’t snowing yet. Once we got to Ol’ Mob’s we waited for the other kids to arrive. Once they came we got dressed and went outside, with our warm coats and snowsuits. I picked up a handful of snow, rounded it into a little ball, and plunged it right towards Rea. She fell to the ground laughing with excitement. I walked over to her laughing hysterically and I put my hand out to help her up. But when I put my hand out she grabbed it and with all her might she pulled me to the ground on top of her! I screamed with fright as I fell. She soon pushed me of and rolled over. When she stood over she was covered in snow head to toe. We both started laughing, it was hilarious, she looked like a polar bear that had lost its fur. Finally we stopped laughing and she helped me back up. We hadn’t even noticed that everyone else had started throwing snowballs too. Everyone was covered in snow. We ran to the other side of the field, and ran up the hill to the slopes. We went sled riding here, the hill was 20 feet up and it had different levels of steepness. I loved adventure so I would go on the steepest side first. Rea on the other hand liked to know exactly what she was doing when she was going to do it and how she was supposed to do it. If she didn’t think it was safe she wouldn’t do it. So I went down the steep side and Rea went down the easy side what we called “little man’s slope”, it was the side that all the little kids went down. We did this several times, but then Rea wanted to try the steep side. So I let her through. She got on her sled and started down the hill. When she got to the middle of the hill, she started screaming as loud as she could.

“Jame!” she shouted “help me! I’m scared!” I ran down the hill after her but when I got close to her she hit the jump. Her sled and her were floating in the air, then they flipped and Rea slipped out of the sled. They both fell slowly to the ground. The sled landed right on top of Rea, and her arm was under her. She began to cry and I ran over to her.

“Rea! Are you okay?” I asked her worriedly.

“Does it look like I’m okay Jame.”

“Well I don’t know you’re lying on your arm and you’re crying, I kind of need to know if you’re hurt so I can help you.”

She stopped crying and said very seriously, still in pain “Okay, Jame my arm hurts I think I might be broken. Can you please get the sled off me and help me turn over?”
I replied. “Sure jut let me get my gloves off.” So I took the sled off her and turned her over then I helped her sit up and we looked at her arm. By this time Eddie was coming up the hill to see what happened.

“Jame what happened to her” he asked me curiously.

“Well, she wanted to go down the steep hill so I helped her on the sled and she started down the hill. She was going down when she hit the jump, she flipped over and landed on her arm then the sled landed on top of her.” I replied.

“Is that what happened Rea?” asked Eddie.

Rea replied holding her arm “Yeah, that’s it.”

“Well we better get you down to the house.” Eddie said as I picked Rea up carefully. Rea was 2 years younger than me and she had been my best friend since she moved right across the street from me when I was in second grade. She was the only other kid that lived for miles, and I could walk to her house any time I wanted to. Rea was like a sister to me so I wanted to carry her as safely as possible. I walked slowly to be sure I wouldn’t drop her. When we got halfway to the house, Eddie told us to go ahead down and he would round up the other kids. So we went on down to the house. I carried Rea through the door and sat her down on the couch. I tried to comfort her. When Eddie came in with all the other kids, he walked slowly over to me and Rea.

“It looks like she broke it.” Eddie said, “Jame come here” we walked to the kitchen “Jame I need you to get Rea some ice, and call her mom and tell her what happened.” So I went to get the ice, as Eddie went back with Rea, I overheard them talking.

“Am I going to be okay Eddie?” Rea asked.

“Yes you’ll be fine you just broke your arm.”

“Where’s Jame? I want Jame.”

“Oh he’s getting you some ice he will be right back.” he replied.

“Oh okay, Eddie do you mind if I lay down and watch some TV?”

“No that would be fine.” I walked back in the living room and gave Rea the ice.

“I think I’ll be fine now thank you Jame.” So Rea fell asleep and I told Eddie that I called Rea’s mom but there was a blizzard and she didn’t know when she could come in. Eddie said I could sleep on the other couch in the living room to keep and eye on Rea. I grabbed the blankets out of the chest at the edge of the couch. I covered Rea up with one and put one on the other couch, were I would be sleeping.
I turned off the light and got in bed.

“Goodnight Jame.” Rea said.

“Oh goodnight Rea.” I said surprised, “see you in the morning.”

In the morning Eddie yelled from the kitchen “Children wake up its time to eat.” I got up first then I woke Rea and asked her how she felt.

“Alright I suppose” she replied. “My arm doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Well that’s good” I said

We walked into the dining room and sat at the table. Eddie brought our food over, and we began to eat.

“This is very good” I told Eddie.

“Oh thank you, it’s an old family recipe.” he replied. After we ate we got ready to drive home. Before we left Ol’ Mob’s we called Rea’s mom and had her call the doctor. We soon arrived at Rea’s house and my mom was there too. The doctor examined Rea’s arm and told her that it was a major brake inside it was bleeding all night and she was lucky she wasn’t dead. It looked like her whole arm was bruised and that’s was Eddie thought it was but it was blood under her flesh. The only way to fix it was to amputate her arm. So they took her to the nearest hospital, thirty miles away, and waited for the amputation to take place. They took Rea in to do the surgery. When they gave her the anesthesia, they didn’t get the oxygen mask on accurately. She didn’t get enough oxygen to keep her alive they didn’t know until after the surgery, she wouldn’t wake up. She had no pulse and no heartbeat.

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