Morning Color

October 4, 2007
By Amy Gillman, Cincinnati, OH

After a night of tossing and turning, James rolled out of bed groggy and frustrated. He had spent the long hours of the night distressing over his recent break-up. He turned his heavy head towards the small, digital clock, and let his eyes focus on the radiantly red “6:27” shining back at him. As he made his way to relieve his mouth of the appalling dragon breath he experienced every morning, a bursting orange sun caught his eye through the minute, two inch gap in his curtains. He slid on his old, raggedy, brown house slippers and padded to the back door instead. He twisted the lock and with a faint click, he opened the back door. For a brief second, James was stunned by the morning sun. Finally, when his eyes adjusted and his pupils dilated to a normal size, James was shocked by the colors on the horizon. He saw a faint glow of red peering over the hill and the barely noticeable sherbet orange hiding beneath the dazzling yellow. Next, a perfect blend of kelly green, cerulean blue and royal violet captivated his imagination. James could not take his eyes away from the bold colors that illuminated the promising new day and sat on his back porch until the entire sky was a perfect shade of baby blue, dotted with fluffy white clouds.

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