Stella Candy

October 2, 2007
By Jessica Jordan, Rock Hill, SC

It was a half-day at Candy High, so I pulled out my Backstage Pass: Stella Candy book and scanned through it again. It was a pink hardcover book with a picture of Stella Candy holding a rainbow colored lollypop on the cover. Stella Candy is one of the best pop singers ever. She has dirty blonde hair that she dyes a new color every week. Last time I saw her it was bright red with a hint of a cinnamon brown in it. That’s right I saw her in person. I see her all the time at the Pink Stripe. What’s that, you ask? It's just the most expensive store in the world where shoes are about three million dollars. They won't even let you in the door if you aren’t famous. Then why do I see her? No, I'm not famous; yet, it's right across from Cheap Tree. I put my book away and looked around. With a name like Candy High you can imagine all the snobby cheerleaders that are there. I eyed one right off the spot. Ashley. She has beautiful blonde hair so blonde it's almost white. She has pale blue eyes to match her pale hair and skin. Today she was wearing her green and gold cheerleading out fit with a ribbon in her hair to match. She swayed her glittery pompoms as she did splits and tricks, a pure white smile painted on her face. I disliked every thing about her. She was mean and cruel in every way possible.

Amy was waving her hands in the air and running to me. She must have been really excited, because she was too focused on me that she ran right into Ashley, and everyone at Candy High knew that was the worst thing you could ever do. Ashley's smile faded in the wink of an eye and her eyes flamed red. Ok, maybe they weren’t red but it seemed like it. Amy was a quick thinker, but I doubted she could think her way out of this one. I was so wrong. How could I have ever doubted my best friend? She saw a can of grape soda on the ground and snatched it up right before pouring it on Ashley and her ugly cheerleading uniform. Amy quickly dashed off to me. She had a huge smile planted on her face. I wanted to know what she could ever be so happy about. I looked at Amy's dark brown hair with light brown highlights. She was the complete opposite of Ashley. She had bright green eyes and was a little tan and her smile almost never left her face. When it did it meant some thing horrible had happened, like she broke her favorite Stella Candy CD. That happened last year and she never did quite get over it. But, today she was wearing a yellow sundress, and Amy hated yellow most of the time except when some thing great had happened. I had only seen her like this once in middle school, when she had won a Stella Candy contest and won a free Stella Candy autographed photo. She was like that for a whole week. Right before she told me what was making her all happy, Crystal walked up to me. She was dancing to whatever she was playing on her iPod, most likely Stella's new hit My Candy not yours. It had this amazing beat to it and had the best back up vocals ever! I loved it.

Crystal is your average Rock Star wanna be. She dresses in the latest fashions and can play the drums, guitar, and keyboard, but her greatest skill was definitely singing. She was in all the school choirs and had a professional give her singing lessons even though she clearly didn't need them. Her long curly black/brown hair shook as she danced and her brown eyes closed. Amy couldn't hold it any longer. The words burst from her mouth. I stood there dazed. Crystal stopped dancing and opened her eyes. I couldn't believe it.

Amy had gotten three Stella Candy concert tickets, one for each of us. That wasn't even the best part. There were only three and that meant, yes, no adults to boss us around. We were going all the way to Paris to hear her sing. That meant getting on a plane by ourselves and getting a hotel all by ourselves all alone, just us kids there to have fun. I couldn't help but smile and burst into giggles. All three of us did. We must have looked pretty stupid because people started staring. We finally managed to hold in our giggles until we got home. I went upstairs and packed my sleepover bag. I knew tonight was a sleepover night and in a few minutes I would get a call from Amy. I knew it. I packed my toothbrush, my lip-gloss and my favorite shirt to match my pants. My phone rang. I picked it up. It was Amy inviting me to a sleepover. I told you I knew it. I yelled to tell mom where I was going on my way outside. All three of us lived close together. I was the second house on Board Walk drive, Amy the first and Crystal the third. I saw Crystal behind me and waited so she could catch up and we could walk together. She finally caught up and automatically started talking. She pulled her pink bag off her shoulder and started showing me all her CD's. She had all the Stella Candy CD’s and Stella Candy has made thirty-five. I knew what we were going to do tonight. We were going to do a lot of singing and dancing. That’s why I never bring CD’s; my friends supply them for me. All night we did exactly what I predicted and had tons of fun. But the next day I had to talk mom and dad into letting me go to Stella's concert without an adult with me. That was going to be hard. Mom and dad didn't like me going places by myself, not to mention Paris, France. How was I going to do this? I found out how.

I was going to lie. Not an all the way lie, just a minor lie. I was going to tell them I was spending the week with Amy. See not a big lie, I was going to be with Amy, just not at her house like he thought. In fact it wasn't much of a lie, it was kind of like the truth that would go wrong and if any one found out I would be punished like I lied. I thought about it and thought about it. It was the worst lie in the history of lies, so I thought maybe I would tell the truth and if it didn't work I was prepared to lie my heart out and I would. I did a little project to try and convince mom and dad I would be just fine with out them. I got all the maps out for Paris and I showed them where we where going. We were going to the concert and the hotel and that’s about it. Or so I told my parents. He asked me why we were staying a whole week. So we can have slumber parties I thought about saying and did. Well, they just let me go; if I'd lied all that would have changed is when I got back I would have been in trouble, big trouble. See the way some people get to do all the stuff they want is they know when the time to lie is and when they can take the easy way out of it. I am one of those people.

I woke up at five in the morning. It was Saturday, the day when I usually slept in but not today! I rushed over to my bag and packed my laptop, camera, toothbrush, hairbrush, and I packed all my clothes and money for my trip. As I rushed down stairs I realized I forgot some thing. I rushed back up. There on my bed was my pink iPod. I had downloaded fifty-five songs. Almost all by Stella Candy. I stuffed it in my bag and ran downstairs again. I poured some orange juice and I eat some cereal then I got on my laptop and E-mailed Amy. She was the early riser of all of us. My E-mail was StellaCandy1. Amy's was CandyStella2 and Crystal’s was StellaGirlToMany. I wrote...

To: CandyStella2
From: StellaCandy1
Subject: Stella Candy
Hi Amy. So what time are we leaving? I hope soon,
I'm already packed.

I turned around to see what time it was. When I looked back at my screen I already had a new E-mail. That was it; I was leaving right before lunch at eleven. We would eat at Fresh Food and then go to the airport. I tried all kinds of ways to make time seem faster, I watched some TV and I made some popcorn. That just made me think of sitting right in front of Stella Candy. I could just imagine it, the crowd of fans yelling and screaming and talking to their friends about how great it was going to be. It was going to be so great, in fact it was fantabulous! The clock finally had its last few ticks and I was out the door in no time.

After we ate we all walked to the airport. We all boarded the plane. Or at least we had thought so. I tuned around in my seat to see Amy. She was sitting by some fancy lady. She looked very important. She had on navy blue shoes and the rest of her outfit was navy blue to. Amy must have thought Crystal was in front of me because that's what I thought. I pulled out my laptop and E-mailed Crystal. We always did this on long trips even if we sat beside each other. I noticed Amy had her laptop out probably E-mailing me. The thing was Crystal didn't E-mail me back. She probably doesn't have her laptop out I thought. Amy had been E-mailing me I found out because it popped up on my screen a minute later. We E-mailed back and forth. I tried to E-mail Crystal back. I got a response! She asked me where I was and told me she was in the back of the plane. She couldn't have been there. That’s where Amy was sitting. I told her where I was. I knew what was going on. Crystal had gotten on the wrong plane. She must have noticed to. She E-mailed me. ''I'M GOING TO NEW YORK!'' She must have been really upset. I turned around and told Amy. Her mouth fell open. We didn't know what to do. When we got out I was going to tell one of the workers. I knew they would know what to do. At least I hoped.

We were on the ground finally and I talked to someone. I told him our name and what hotel we were staying at and he told us that was all he needed. I felt bad for Crystal and hoped she would make it in time for the Stella Candy concert tomorrow. Amy and I got to our hotel room and plopped down on the bed. We slept in late. When I woke up Amy was on the computer typing. There was no sign of Crystal anywhere. Just a newly made bed that looked the same as yesterday. I looked up at Amy and she just shook her head. No Crystal. I really didn't want to go to the Stella Candy concert without Crystal, but it looked like it was just Amy and I. Amy had even bought us seats next to each other. Don't get me wrong, I still wanted to see Stella Candy sing, it's just that Crystal brought life into these kinds of things. After a concert she would sing a song and it was like reliving the concert again.

We finally went to the concert. I cheered up. All the walls were filled with posters of Stella Candy and everywhere you looked were little carts filled with souvenirs like autograph pictures and CD’s and little toys. We found our seats easily. They were right in front of the stage. Next to Amy was an extra seat…for Crystal. Some kid came and sat in it. I got mad. I was going to shoo her away when I noticed it was Crystal! She made it! She started talking about her trip and I found out Amy didn't care for it either. That important looking lady kept trying to sell her insurance. She didn't even own a house! Crystal had to get off in New York and wait hours for her next plane. When she got off she rushed over to the concert to meet us.

I noticed we had been waiting over three hours for Stella to sing. Just then she came running out to the stage crying. She ran out of the building without singing one note! A man came out and told us that her signature diamond microphone was missing; she claimed it was stolen, but she was the person to jump to conclusions. She wouldn't sing without it. We weren't going to hear her sing at all. I wanted to find that microphone and fast. I wanted to save the show. Of course that was just a dream of mine. I didn't go running off to find this guy.

Later Amy and Crystal and I tried to see another concert. It was Stella Candy's twin sister's concert. She was almost as good as Stella Candy. Really the only big differences between the singers were there microphones. Stacy Candy had one with pearls, not diamonds. We sat down in our seats. We got the last three tickets so we had to sit all the way at the top. I could still see, but it was hard. I found myself sitting for exactly three hours again and the exact same thing happened. Stacy ran out of the building, but unlike her sister she held her tears until she got outside. I know I should have seen that coming, but I didn't. Once again we heard the same old story, how she thought it was stolen and how we had to leave.

Now all we could do is see Samantha Candy. That was the big sister. She had a ruby microphone and was the best singer, but her concerts were expensive. We all put our money together and got seats in the back. I knew what would happen and I wanted to make my dream come true.

I had to save the Candy sisters and now was my chance. Samantha walked out onto the stage with grace, ruby microphone in hand. She had arrived just in time. She had straight brown hair and she wore a black shirt and black pants. Her brown eyes gleamed with excitement. I was confused. How could her microphone NOT have been stolen? This person was smart. Maybe to smart for me! So much for my dream. Just then someone ran onto the stage and stole her microphone. As always he or she was wearing a ski mask, but this one was pink? You might have thought it was a girl, I thought it was a guy so smart he wanted to make people think he was a girl. I ran after him surprised I was the only one. I was really strong for being so small, but I was sure I could take him down easily. He ran faster and so did I, he turned a corner and so did I. I ran faster than I ever had before, my legs hurt but I ignored the pain and moved on. I took a big leap and tackled him, ripping off his mask. I was right, it was a man. I realized what I had done. I took down a full-grown man and he was going to be in jail. I yanked the microphones out of his pocket and watched him go away in a police car.

Later I gave Stella, Stacy, and Samantha their microphones back. They each gave me free posters and pictures and free concert tickets, but my favorite gift was being invited to a private celebrity party. Tons of singers and actresses would be there. Miley Johnson, Vanessa Williams, Aly and AJ White, and even Hilary Stuff were there. I wore a black mini dress with tons of sparkles on it. I loved celebrity parties and Samantha said we could be good friends and whenever a good party was happening soon she would pay for me to come. I smiled. I guess there is such a thing as happy endings and here's one.

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