A Snap Shot of Oppression

October 2, 2007
I’m living in the silence, like a worldwide black out. In this dimension it is banned to think, a taboo. In this place it is forbidden to live a life of your own, where contraband consists of a newspaper, magazine or any connection to reality and the outside world. It is illegal to look into the eyes of our government and the crooked smiles and devious lies, of our world. The shifting grounds and conniving demons for world domination rise out of the woodwork like cockroaches. Conspiring against these demons we fight. Crafty and intelligent zombies become very much alive. This once frozen city in time becomes dynamic, compelling our fellow monsters to stand up. Our dire actions turn into a war, not just a revolt or protest. Our enemies start to use drastic force to regain control over our free spirits and minds. The blood on our hands becomes extravagant, lacking restraint and going to absurd measures to overcome our fears. Time passes with little reason or thought to our actions, turning my fellow monsters into deranged, lunatic creatures. Frantically searching for power, now deceased in their own pool of pity and sorrow for the love one they never had.

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