An art only for me

July 28, 2011
By Ticktock SILVER, Madison City, Alabama
Ticktock SILVER, Madison City, Alabama
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Those who do not try: Fail.

Did you know that I never really loved you? No, perhaps not. You never saw my sick satisfaction when I could hear your curled lips through the phone. Or the many times I would make those silly of having to go somewhere. When in fact I never went anywhere. Oh but I know you knew that. You knew everything about me. You knew that I was a secret lover of the art of taking pictures. Which was my everything. My own art that I made for only I and you stole this secret from me. The way people look when people think no one is watching is simply unforgivable. But when you were faking, I was in a secret place within myself and you disturbed me. With your blinking eyes. Shaming my art out of my heart forever. Those weeks that followed I realized that I saw you everyday on this bus. And you seemed to realize as well. But I was not going to lose out on my opportunity to destroy you. For you so easily, so unknowingly did a sin unto me. So I came up to you, and purposely snagged your heart away from you and won my art right back to its rightful place. Secretly. Discreetly. Beside the empty place that I believed my heart to be until I realized. You had secretly. Discreetly. Also stole mine.

The author's comments:
I like to think this one could happen.

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