Babysitting can be dangerous

October 11, 2007
By Melissa Newby, Westfield, IN

“Hello? (pauses) Oh hey Mrs. Smith! How are you doing today? (pauses) I am fine thank you. (pauses) Yes, I would love to baby-sit for you Friday evening at 7. (pauses) Ok, I will see you then! Thank you Mrs. Smith! (hangs up her cell phone)”

“Lilly, what was that all about?” Lilly’s best friend, Ashley, questioned, “Did you get the job? Did you?”

“Yep! I got the job! She wants me to come Friday night at 7. I am so excited! I heard her children are angels; it’s her house that no one likes. Supposedly, the last baby-sitter kept detecting screams from the attic. Who knows though? She could have just wanted attention.” Lilly explained.

“True, but what if the last girl was telling the truth? Then what,” Ashley is overflowed with questions.

“Look, Ashley, I don’t believe in stupid rumors. If you want to come on my first night so you can make sure I am ok and safe, you can, but don’t expect me to pay you,” Lilly offered.

“Ok! I am so excited! I’ll see you then,” exclaim ed Ashley.

T he n the bell rang to signal that lunch was over and it was time to go to class. Ashley was pumped and Lilly was stress free now that she got her a job. As Lilly was on her way to class, her boyfriend, Justin, comes up to her to ask, “Hey babe, you and me, Friday night, I’ll pick you up from your house. Is that cool?”

“Sorry Justin but your girlfriend is now a working woman. I got the job baby sitting! Isn’t it great? ” Lilly t old her boyfriend the great news.

“Yeah! Awesome! That’s cool. I’ll just hang out with the guys, but Saturday, you are all mine,” Justin offer ed.

“That would be great. Bye honey!” Lilly agreed as she walked away to class.

It was a chill y Friday October 24th evening when Lilly arrive d at a three storied mansion known as the Smith’s residence. She was ten minutes early because she wanted to give a good impression. S he rang the doorbell, at first she thought the door opened by its self. T hen she looked down she saw the cutest little 2 year old blonde little girl with an adorable grin. Lilly smiled and went inside. She was greeted by the Smiths and before she knew it she was holding money for pizza and phone numbers for emergencies and the front door was being pulled shut behind Mr. Smith. Lilly turn ed around and look ed at the two children. The boy was 3 years old, seem ed pretty sweet but she wouldn’t know until the night goes on, his name was Jake. He had tractor pajamas on and was holding a car in his hand, staring up at Lilly with his deep blue eyes, looking like he was trying to figure her out. Then there was the sweet looking little girl, Gracie, who was wearing pink princess pajamas and had a little tiara on top of her head, and in her arms was a ragged brown teddy bear. After standing there for five minutes, the door bell rang. Lilly cracked open the door to see Ashley.

“Hi, Lilly! Hi kids! My name is Ashley. Let’s call for a pizza and then start a movie,” Ashley saved them all from the silence.

Lilly call ed for the pizza while Ashley figure d out which movie to put on. Jake kept telling her “that one” but didn’t point to which one. Finally they agreed on the movie Cars. Ten minutes after they started the movie, the pizza arrived.

Ashley whispered to Lilly, “So when is their bed time? This movie should be over around 9ish. Should we just wait till then?”

“It is 8:30 but we can wait till 9 just because they seem to be ok. Plus, look at them, Gracie is laying on me and Jake is laying on you. You don’t want to ruin them liking us by not letting them finish the movie, do you? The parents will be ok about it, I’m sure,” Lilly whispered back.

The movie ended and it was bed time. Lilly hauled Gracie and Ashley hauled Jake. They went up the two flights of stairs and into their rooms. Their rooms were together even though the Smiths owned a huge house because the two little ones wanted to share a room. Half of the room was pink, that was Gracie’s side, and the other half was blue, for Jake’s side. Jake had a twin sized racecar bed and Gracie had a twin sized canopy bed. They each kissed the kids on the forehead good night and tucked them in, leaving the room with whispers of “sweet dreams.”

When Lilly and Ashley got back down stairs, they went around the house and checked all the doors to make sure they were locked. They then decided to go ahead and set the alarm. They went into the living room and s a t on the couch.

Lilly turn ed to Ashley and ask ed her, “So what should we do now? We have till midnight till they get back. They went out to eat and then went to go see a movie.”

“Well, we can either watch another movie or we can do our homework and then play a board game that is in the closet over there that they told you about,” Ashley suggest ed .

“Let’s go ahead and at least start our homework. It would be nice to get it done before Sunday night for the first time. Then we can either play a game or watch a movie. And by the way, the Smith’s knew you were coming and told me that they are going to pay you too. You are so spoiled,” Lilly responded.

Around 10:1 5, Lilly and Ashley finished their homework and decided to go check on the kids when the phone rang. “Hello?” Ashley answered, “Hello?” And then she hung up.

The phone rings again and this time Lilly answered, “Hello?”

“Hello, lovely lady. How is your evening going? Pretty nice?” replied a raspy voice on the other end.

“My evening has been ok. Do I know you or are you calling for the Smith’s because they are out and I am babysitting for them,” question ed Lilly.

“I know you and your little friend and your little responsibilities, but if you know me or not… that is another story. You could know me, or you can not. Who knows?” respond ed the raspy voice.

“Look, what do you want? Are you just trying to have fun and scare me or what?” Lilly and Ashley we re starting to get worried.

“You could put it that way, or you could just come up stairs to save the little ones from getting killed. Make sure you gather all of your cash. That’s all I accept.” the raspy voice replied.

“Please don’t hurt the kids! I will be up there quickly!” Lilly suddenly threw down the phone realizing it wasn’t a joke. Ashley and Lilly took off running to the stairs with their purses and mace, both worried sick, hoping that the guy is just being a greedy pig and only wants money. They were too worried about the kids to actually realize what they were really putting their lives into.

They get to the third level and burst into the kids’ room to find them sleeping soundly. Suddenly, the door shut behind them! Ashley and Lilly jump, then immediately turn ed around. The only thing they could make out a dark figure, like a person, moving toward them. I t started to laugh in a strange wicked way. Lilly ends up behind Ashley and they kept backing up more and more, faster and faster! They saw something shiny and before they knew it they crashed through the window, causing the alarm to go off and call the cops.

When the cops arrived the person was gone. The trace that they got from the phone call was from the third line for the third level. Lilly was pronounced dead at the scene and Ashley was paralyzed. If it weren’t for Ashley landing on top of Lilly, she too would have ended up dead. The kids awakened from the alarm but only saw the shattered window and a Barbie mirror lying on the floor. A couple of weeks later they find out that the person were a fellow student to the girls. His name was Justin, he was Lilly’s boyfriend. He claimed he was just trying to scare them and didn’t mean for any harm. He panicked when the alarm went off and ran away. Justin wanted to surprise them, not hurt them. He was sentenced a lifetime in prison for breaking and entering, murder, and attempt of murder. Ashley was paralyzed from the waste down for the rest of her existence. Ashley will always blame herself for Lilly’s eternal rest because if it weren’t for Lilly, she would have been dead too. The children wouldn’t go to bed till their parents got home after the incident. T he Smith’s hardly ever left to go out after that because they didn’t want anything bad to happen like that again.

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