October 1, 2007
With her face burning fiery hot with rage, the teenager leaped in her ancient car and sped down the street faster then if a malicious cheetah was chasing her. The loud rap music was blaring yet she could not find the mind to even listen to the offensive lyrics. The teenagers’ heart was pumping so loud and fast, it was a bomb just waiting for the correct moment to explode. She was a precious glass ornament about to be broken into a million tiny pieces. Her hands were having trouble holding to the steering wheel as they were trembling and dripping with sweat. The location was unknown, yet anywhere would be better then here. The perfect white teeth of hers began to grind thinking of her circumstances. How could he do this to her? Her life made less sense to her then a complex calculus problem. A loud, piercing, scream escaped her mouth trying to let go of all the frustrations accumulating in her mind. Thought after thought crossed her mind of what to do but none of the ideas seemed to make sense to her. Nothing made sense to her. A bright red traffic light emerged from the dark, starless night, and her foot jerked on the break. She was a broken ornament, and she would never be put together correctly again.

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