October 1, 2007
By Britni Golson, Detroit, MI

Once upon a time there was a little girl name Magey,who was 12 years old. Magey had always dreamed of having a pet eleohant. She loved the way they looked,felt,their color,their trunk,and how big they were.She loved everything about them. Every Sunday Magey's grandmother would take her to the zoo just to see the towns greatest most well known elephant named Smiley. Magey loved Smiley she was everything in an elephant Magey ever wanted.

One day Magey was playing at the park with her friends and across the street was a funny looking clown passing out flyers. Magey wanted to see what thepapers were about so she crossed the street and approached the clown. Being curious Magey asked what were the flyers about, the clown said exciteingly,"There's a big circus coming to town staring our own Smiley the elephant and everyone is invited!

Magey rushed home to tell her grandma about the big event. When she told her granny he agreed that they should go. Finally the big event came and everyone was there,from the mayor to the president and the whole police department. Magey was so excited the show began and Smiley was doing all kinds of tricks and stunts, the crowd was going wild.Clowns were driving in little cars, doing magic tricks and all sorts of stuff. The circus went on for hours.

Unforetunately the circus had to end and they announced that after the show there would be free elephant rides. Magey started to jump up and down and sream for joy. Magey and her grandmother raced to be first in line, and they were. Magey got on top of Smiley and began to ride her. She wanted to stay on forever and take her home but she couldn't. Unexpectantly the zoo keeper said "next, turns up!"
Magey refused to get off she screamed,kicked,cried and held on to Smiley as tight as she could.

Smiley started to go out of control and run through the crowd. Magey had Smiley run all the way to her house. When they got there Magey hid Smiley in her garage. Magey's grandmother followed them home,the whole town was in search of Smiley. Weeks,and weeks,passed by and they could never find Smiley. When a month went passed Magey her grandmother and Smiley moved to another state Magey got the wish she had always ever dreamed of and they lived happily ever after!

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