October 1, 2007
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My life was glamorous. I had Fendi, Gucci, Coach, Louis Vuittion and more. Black cards, American Express, and Platinum Visa's. I slept in Prada pajamas and walked around in Versace as play clothes. My familia never even heard of layaway, racks, debt, sales, or money trouble. I was the only child and every female I had ever knew had to be envious. My confidence was so high, I even thought Mother Nature was jealous. I drove Bentley's, Jaguars, and Mercedez Benz's to go to the market.I never heard of"hood" before. What was that? What was a middle and lower class? Are they like poor? All I ever knew was thee best! My parents spoil me too death. My boyfriend is wealthy and loves me dearly. My friends are thee best and they all adore me. My mashion consisted of 13 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 7 living rooms, 5 kitchens, 6 entertainment rooms, and a mini mall in our basement. I have a tennis court, basketball court, and a football field and an outdoor ice skating rink. Also, I have an indoor/outdoor pool. Everything you wish you had and need belongs to me. You thought it wasnt true but yes i have a money palm tree. Yeah my life is wonderful. If you want more tune in to my bragging!

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