The Window

October 11, 2007
It was a faint idea...but now it seemed near impossible.

When I was put into this place, this awful, disgusting, dirty, foul smelling place... I had hope. Now, that hope is shattered. It isn't because I have been in here nearing what I would say has been 13 years. It's because they took away the one thing I had to look at that gave me courage. The light, the sky, that big open inviting thing that wishes only to embrace you in it's strong, warm, capable arms.

When I first arrived to this place there was a gigantic space in the wall in which I could see out of and look at the sky and the light that filtered in from glass that covered this space. Everyday for hours and hours on end I would stare out that window and look at the sky entranced by it's magnificent beauty. How the blue vibrated in my eyes and the white puffs of clouds sang and danced in the wind. Oh how I would stare at that sky and wish that it were mine. Wish I was there, instead of here.

That won't happen now. Actually it never would have happened. It was just just another fantasy. But now I can't even fantasize about it anymore. For they've blocked my view with another tower. A tower that by all means doesn't really need to be there, but, it is. I heard the guards talking about it saying something along the lines that it was for the princess because she wanted privacy. Although, I think it was just an excuse to get as far away from that evil king as possible, I mean, I would want to get away from him too. Especially after he threw me in this hell hole of a place.

Once the tower was completed I saw what they were talking about. For the princess had her own window nearly three times the size of the window I look out of. I would love to have a window that size, especially at that height. Oh! How I wonder what grand images she will see when she looks out of that window! If only I could catch a glimpse of the landscape and sky from that window! Then I could truly live in this place happy no matter the pain my body suffers.

I know that this is merely something I can dream about, but yet, I have such a yearning to see the sky again that I.. that I will do anything, absolutely anything to see it again. So I think I will do something to see the sky again. Something that I know will probably end my life, but I don't mind. So long as I am able to see that sky again... That beautiful thing... The thing that has made me mad... and the thing that I will die for...

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