The Fight of Anubis

September 29, 2007
By Jonathan Yakubov, Elizabeth, NJ

It was a long time ago somewhere in 300 BC.... where the God Ra lived in Ancient Egypt as a God, Ruler, and King. Amun-Ra was a father of Shu, Tefnut, and Ehnead. Many people thought Amun- Ra as the God of Wind and the Sun God.Amun became depicted in human form, seated on a throne, wearing on his head a plain deep circlet from which rise two straight parallel plumes, possibly symbolic of the tail feather of a bird a reference to his earlier status as a wind god. As he and his army grew stronger and his civilization grew larger, Ra was turned into Horus who commanded sky, earth, and the underworld. It was said, that Ra had turned into Horus for he conquered many lands and killed too many people. Anubis, the first king who commanded the underworld, put a curse on Ra which was he would turn into a bird and it happened and his army was vanished into the underworld. Now Anubis has Amun Ra’s army.
One year later, 301 B.C., The Obelisk King, with an army of 300,000 soldiers went into battle with Tefnut, Amun- Ra’s son became king after Ra turned into Horus. The Obelisk King had lost the battle. Temu killed his army but left The Obelisk King and a few of his men that were generals and left them to die by themselves. He spared them. The Obelisk King and 50 of his men were released to the Sahara Desert where one by one they all fell into the desert dying from no water and food, until the great King himself was still alive and fell into the desert. Staring at the sun he made a deal with Anubis the king of the underworld, “ That if he speared him and gave him the power of his army to destroy and get revenge from the people who brought him hell, he was willing to give his soul up.” When Obelisk said this he ate a bug that came up from the sand and Anubis agreed to help him. He turned the Sahara desert into a forest with a Pyramid that Obelisk would live in. He gave him his army that rose from the underworld. The army of 8 million had jackal heads and keen canine noses, with spears 7 feet long and they were black. To Anubis black was the color of regeneration, death, and the night. Anubis gave him 7 days to do what he wanted with his army. The Obelisk King was overjoyed and excited. He went into Cairo, Egypt, pyramids, cites, with Anubis’s army killing the people who brought him the worse. He burned villages, he killed people, and Anubis’s army with spears and knives were conquering. The king’s dream came to life. Anubis’s army were building pyramids for Obelisk. But Obelisk’s 7th day was up and Obelisk made a promise and his soul was taken into the underworld and Anubis’s army was also vanished into the underworld. The forest was gone, the pyramid was gone, and the desert was back. Everything the Obelisk King created was gone. His empire was gone and the cities were back. But Obelisk’s necklace of power he wore belonged to Amun- Ra. That necklace was rumored still inside a pyramid that if found would raise the army again. But how did Obelisk get Amun- Ra’s necklace?

Now, 1995, has come and people are still talking about Obelisk will one day rise to take and conquer what once belonged to him. But Horus, “Amun Ra” will be there to stop him for that’s what the prophecy says...

“It’s the year 1995, the year of the Horus.” Albert said. “Is it really?” Johnny questioned. “Yes” “And the year of the Horus is the most destructive year ever...” “Why do you say that.” “This is why.” Albert showed Johnny a picture of a pyramid that had been rumored still somewhere out there but it is only shown in the year of the Horus. Albert and Johnny are archeologists who are searching for Obelisk’s Pyramid to find Amun-Ra’s necklace and find out how he got this when the prophecy said, “Anubis cursed Amun-Ra and Horus was wearing it. Albert was 35 years old and Johnny only 34 who wanted to own this great necklace for they knew it was worth millions of dollars. “Why are you showing me a picture of a stupid pyramid. What does this have to do with anything of finding Amun-Ra’s necklace.” Johnny questioned. “It has everything to do with it....” For Albert explained why. “ For goodness sake how will we find the Obelisk’s Pyramid.” “My friend, we need help from others who know where it’s located. It shows during the night and it’s like a dimension of a different world. Looks like a hologram but it’s not. They did not know who to ask who knew where this place was located. The only place they thought of checking was a the Cairo Library in Cairo, Egypt which was the oldest library of Egyptian Civilization. More than 20 million books from the past and present. As they walked to the library they looked like professionals. Like Sherlock Holmes himself. They went to the front desk who a guy named Riley was a librarian. “Hi, my name is Albert and this is my friend Johnny. We’re archaeologists and are looking for books on Amun Ra’s great necklace. Can you please help us find any books related to this topic.” “I’m sorry but I see your trying to find this great necklace but I’m not the person you want to talk to. There’s a guy named Alexander up on the third floor who deals with this study. You might want to ask him. He’s in a black suit with a yellow and blue striped tie. He works at the front desk.” “Thank You.” They headed to the second floor as if an emergency was called to a fire department. They took the stairs all the way up because the 5 elevators were full of people and couldn’t pass. The building had 18 floors including the roof. They reached the 2nd floor as fast as lightning and Albert’s naked eye spotted Alexander and was eager to talk to him. Alexander was busy, thought. He was talking to someone else who was asking him about the necklace also. It was an archeologist named Thomas who Albert knew. But he despised him because he always got what he wanted in this case Albert heard Riley tell him the direction to where it was. Johnny and Albert acted like spies. They went up to the blue wooden front desk and they were just listening.

“Can I help? Looks like you guys just came up here. Do you need anything or are you guys being noisy.” Riley announced. “Excuse me. With all do respect SIR! But I was waiting for you to get done with this guy.” Albert said scornfully. Thomas turned around standing at his back side and when he saw Albert’s face as fast as the speed of lightning he turned back, facing the front desk. He did not want to go to this expedition with him. Riley didn’t have anything to say so he just turned facing at Thomas and finished what he was saying. “Now how can I help you Albert.” “How do you know my name.” Thomas left very angry at Albert hoping he wouldn’t see him in the expedition. He took the elevator down to the basement.“I know a lot about you guys. And take my advice Thomas won’t find Obelisk’s Pyramid. I gave him wrong directions but I was at the Pyramid once. It left me a warning.” Riley showed a scar on his left arm he got from the Pyramid. “I think this scar is a curse. Ever since I got this scar in 1985 it gave me some kind of power. I see visions of armies rising and chaos and I will help you find this necklace. The reason I was doing that was to distract Thomas. I was holding a map I got from the Pyramid. I still have it. It shows you the way of how to get the Book of the Dead....” But he did not finish saying, “I think these walls are listening to us. Let’s talk in the back. They entered from the front desk and went to the back. “Anyway, the map shows you how to get to the Pyramid and things you have to look out for. There are many curses! I will give you the map and go with you guys.” “Thank You so much. But I have one question. How did you find the Pyramid? Albert questioned. “ I never did. I was also an archeologist looking for a civilization called Ra’s Fortune but had never found it. Instead this beautiful place came out. It looked like a mirage to me but it wasn’t I stopped my camel and went inside...Anyway, I’ll go with you guys to the Pyramid but it’s already 12 o’clock p.m. and if we don’t make it to the Pyramid until 3:00 p.m. will have to wait another 10 years. So we have a lot of work to do.”

Riley gathered people he used to work with when he was an archeologist. He got an army of 150 people. Johnny and Albert got the maps and were buying the supplies needed for the expedition. They bought ropes to go down places that are hard to reach, flashlights, and matches. Not least, don’t forget their guns. They brought their guns and other survival equipment. Riley brought his friends Alexander, Nicholas, and Robert, and brought workers to do their dirty work.

“ Ok we head to the Pyramid now! I have gathered all camels for everyone and the trip will be hours long so let’s get moving. We will go 10 miles south of Cairo and then 20 miles west from there. All you will see is the Sahara Desert so I have supplied us with a special compass that will tell us when 10 miles is up. It is in every bag on each camel. Once again supplies are on the bag. From the 20 miles we wait until 6 o’clock at night were the place will appear. Remember it looks like a mirage but it’s a real city. Any questions?” No one had a question “Good, so we leave today and we’re looking for the necklace of Obelisk and the Book of the Dead.” After Riley said this Albert and Johnny got on their camels and so did the others. They left from Cairo, Egypt and they were heading to the city of regeneration. They were split into three groups but eventually Riley was the leader. Albert and Johnny had the maps so they leaded the other two groups who were the workers while Riley had the archeologists.

It was 6 o’clock at night and they arrived to the city of regeneration. They were riding the camels for hours and it was as hot as the sun and Riley stopped in the middle of the Sahara desert. “Why are we stopping?” questioned Johnny. “We’re here.” Both Riley and Albert said excitedly. When this was said, it seemed as a mirage appeared but it was actually a huge pyramid 11 stories high. “Wow, the Obelisk Pyramid does exist.” Johnny exclaimed. “Now, everyone we have 10 hours to be in this place. If we do not get out at 4 in the morning we will be locked in the Pyramid for eternity. “Let’s gooooooo.!”Riley announced. They rushed and their camels were going wild. It was like a competition to see who would make it to the city first. Once they came close to the Pyramid they started to hear weird noises coming from the inside of the Pyramid. They were fascinated in seeing what and where this sound was coming from but they had to be careful. They tied their camels who were just relaxing. They were observing the Pyramid. It had Anubis on the top of the Pyramid full of karats of gold which the archaeologists wanted to capture for themselves. The Pyramid had brick lines and was a yellowish, brownish color. There was no door to get in from. They had to get in from the top which had a hole in. They climbed the Pyramid to the top as if it was a rock wall. Once they got up they tied a rope to the top and threw it down. One by one they went down to the Pyramid. The inside had spider webs with coffins and GOLD! And Egyptian hieroglyphics. It was amazing. The archeologist were studying the amazing glyptics to understand what they met. They brought some supplies and since it was as dark as night they took a couple of flashlights to see. Then they lit a match and lit a tombstone. When they lit the tombstone there was light everywhere in the pyramid.

While, they were studying the hieroglyphics, it told them which way to go to find Horus’s statue but they didn’t know what it had to do anything with where the necklace and Book of the Dead was. “What does this stupid statue have anything to do with the necklace and book..!” Albert repeated. “Don’t say that. The lettering is trying to tell us something.” Riley replies. “Well, then what does it say.” “It says if any human makes it to this Pyramid get out for Obelisk will rise.” “ What the hell, does that mean. Do you think I care what these stupid hieroglyphics mean. I came for the book and the necklace to become a millionaire.” “Listen, wouldn’t you want to get something without trouble or cause trouble. Riley payed no attention to Albert. He knew he was just an amateur and he would get hurt in this expedition if he didn’t pay attention. As for the other archeologists and workers. They kept their mouths shut because they depended on Riley and they wanted some of that money from the necklace and book. As if they were using Riley. Then, something captured Riley’s naked eye. It was what the hieroglyphics said. “Hello, Riley. Are you okay? Hello. What captured your mind.” Johnny said politely. “The hieroglyphics. Look at them. It’s a picture of Obelisk dying. Horus is killing him.” “But I don’t get it. Wasn’t Horus cursed by Anubis. How would he stop Obelisk. This is confusing.” “Something else would be confusing to you. The hieroglyphics say that Anubis was Amun-Ra’s fourth son. But how was he the king of the underworld and why did he curse his own father? This is confusing.” ..... “What lies ahead of us is only the beginning.” “Come on keep moving.” Riley, the leader leaded them to Obelisk’s doors. This is where his throne was located. Once they got there, they started reading the hieroglyphics. Riley translated them. “What does it say Riley?” Albert questioned. “It says who ever opens this door will be cursed and Obelisk will come to kill you.” “Just opened the stupid door?” Johnny commanded. “No, let the workers open it. Obelisk was no fool. If the hieroglyphics say this, than it’s waiting to happen. So let the workers open it.” Riley spoke in Egyptian to the workers and they went to work on opening the door. The workers were working as hard as cattle and bulls do. Once they opened the door, nothing happened. They just heard voices coming from the inside of the room. Riley leaded his men inside the room. There it was the coffin of Obelisk. Riley had his workers open the coffin and this is were the curse began.. “Ahhh!” The workers were mummified and fell down. It was some kind of poison from the coffin that killed the workers. Then Obelisk rose. “Ha, ha, ha. I’m back. This time I’ll take command of the world.” “Obelisk, the poison mummified the workers.” Riley said. “Yes, and by mummifying them I become stronger. Now, where’s the necklace.” Obelisk questioned. “We were looking for it but didn’t find it.” Riley responded. “Good, then it’s probably in the chamber.” But he could not open it because Horus had the key.

Meanwhile, in the underworld, Anubis was growing and he got the message that Obelisk rose, from his generals. Horus who is Anubis’s father, told the army to kill him. “Ah, father. Remember what you did to me. You gave all your other children what they wanted. You loved them more than you did me! And now you want to kill me. Plus you sent me to this death trap. This is why I cursed you. Horus you can’t take over my army. They only listen to me. And to your plan you want to kill Obelisk and take over the world. The prophecy lies. I’m the one who will stop this. Father, you don’t deserve anything.” Horus was silent. He had nothing to say. Anubis turned around and told his army to rise and stop Obelisk. But do not harm Riley and his men. They are good people.” His army rose as for Obelisk he was getting his army, too. It was going to be world war 3. As for you father. You always questioned why I cursed you and why I gave my army to Obelisk. That’s the same question I ask you for three thousand years now. The way you neglected me and sent me to the underworld. Here, I grew with power with all these people helped me. The reason I cursed you was because I wanted to take you out of power and stop this war. Let Egypt live! Now, I was afraid this day would come.” “You sick, little mongrel. I helped you with things.” “Name me one!” Anubis yelled. Horus took out his sword and was going to stab Anubis. “Think fast.!” Anubis turned around and ducked as his father missed. Anubis took out his sword from underneath and stabbed him in the back. “Ahh” “Father you are a disgrace to Egypt. Now suffer for all eternity in the underworld.” His father was turned into sand and died. Anubis rose to Earth to fight and command his army against Obelisk.

“Do you here that sound” Albert questioned. “It’s Anubis. Runnnn!” “Stop” They heard a very loud noise echoing. “I mean no harm. My army is here just to stop Obelisk and end this war. “Anubis, I have been waiting for you. Where’s your father.” Anubis appeared as fast as magic. He was forming from the sand. “My father is dead. Don’t you want to join him. I see you found your necklace. Army goooooo! Attack him.” Obelisk sent his army and it was like two trains about to his each other. Obelisk was winning as if Obelisk was training for this day. “Look, I’m not hear to hut you guys. And the prophecy says I’m a bad person but I’m not. It is my father who was the sick person. He wrote the prophecy as if I was a bed person. It’s really complicated. Let’s say he loved his other children more than he did me and he hated me actually. He thought I was a disgrace but he was the one. I always listened to my father. Did what he said and he sent me to the underworld. That’s why I cursed him. Anyway, I see you are hear to find the book of dead and take his necklace. Very well than. I’ll sent some of my army soldiers to help you find it.” “Thank You. Turns out you are a very nice person.” He sent 8 soldiers with Riley’s men. They were guiding them to the book. Anubis knew where the book was because he built the pyramid. His men did actually when they were working for Obelisk. Obelisk was still wining but Anubis wasn’t losing. His army was immortal and once they were killed, they just rose again and again. Anubis’s plan to win was to attack Obelisk and his army would be gone. Anubis’s soldiers had arrows and he had 80,000 soldiers who had arrows and it was a good chance Obelisk would get hit. “Soldiers. Get your arrows ready and shoot as many as you can. Your main target is Obelisk. Shoot your arrows at him.” Anubis announced. “They got ready and when Anubis commanded they shot. It looked like birds flying in flocks ready to catch their prey. Most of the arrows didn’t hit anyone because they had shields the size of the Grand Canyon. But Anubis shot his arrow and it was going 25 miles per second. It hit Obelisk right in the heart. The man leader was done and his army was gone, too. They all went to the underworld. Anubis went back to the Pyramid to help Riley and his men because the pyramid was sinking to the underworld. His army went to get the necklace and took it out. Once they got the necklace, they helped Riley and his men. They got the book of the dead and got out.

They watched the pyramid sink to the underworld. “Thank You, Anubis.” “Your welcome. Please do not mention this ever happening and don’t mention me. You are good people but I have work to do.” So he disappeared and his army disappeared into sand. Riley, Albert, Johnny, and their men went back to Cairo to tell them about their expedition. They weren’t going to sell the Book of the Dead and the necklace but put it in the Cairo Museum . The archeologists find out that the Obelisk was Horus’s son and he gave him the necklace. “These people are all over the place” Johnny said. “They became millionaires and the archeologists were happy to share their stories.”

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