Magic Lima Beans

September 29, 2007
By Taylor Woods, Spokane Valley, WA

My mom always told me a story about the magic lima beans.Heres how the story went.

Once apon a centry ago there was a young boy named Taylor.He had three lima beansbut didn't know they where magic.That night after geting the beans from the farmer,taylor wished apon a beautiful shooting star,he wished that his parnets would pay attention to him equaly to what his little princess sister was getting.

The next day he woke up in his bed to a whole bunch of bags with everything he wanted stuffed inside, and thought what happened?He went down stairs to eat anouther lima bean hoping his next wish would come true he wished to have his mom and dad back together so the whole family could live a happy life,but there was something else to the wish to have his mom happy again.

That same morning it felt like the world stoped,it didnt actually stop though.The way people heard his crys,made everything and everyone emotional.

that day the world became emotionaless and to where everyone was crying,lonley,sad,and dark with lighting and thunder stroms all day every day.

Then he figured out what happened,everything he wished for was reversed.He went back to the farm where he got the beans and no one was there as he was confused about no one being there,he figured out that the farmers house was for sale.

He couldn't do anything untill he figured out what he could do to reverse the spell.So he thought,and thought,and thought untill suddenley the spell got to him.All his bad memories came back,the ones he forgot.Once the spell got to him and the head of his wondering mind became lonley and sad.

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