9/11 Bad Luck

September 28, 2007
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My life began on September 11, 2001. I know it is such a tragic I was born on the same day terrorists decided to terrorize our country. My mom regrets my birth. Whenever she looks at me she remembers the day of my birth was the same day a terrorist was the cause of her mother's death. Right now I am six years old and I attend Bakersville Elementary, but that is not important. What I am about to tell you may make you cry. It might make you throw away this story in disgust. This is a fair warning.

I was getting off the school bus on Monday. The sky looked dark and mysterious as rain clouds formed. Betsy, my mom, held her arms out for me to run into. She had a huge smile on her face.

As we entered the house something struck me. Not an object of some sort, but a sense. A sense that felt like a sixth sense. Something told me I shouldn't be in the house, but I didn't understand that voice. When we reached our living room I got that feeling again. My mom had lit some candles to form a circle on the rug. I know pretty dangerous. She told me to sit in the middle for a game. Betsy then went into the kitchen to get something, but she wouldn't show it. That sense came again. The closer she walked towards me, the darker her eyes got. It became as I didn't know her anymore. Then this is what she said:

"You know honey that I am grateful you came into this world," she paused, then resumed, "You also know that I am not grateful that my mother had to die because of those stupid terrorists. It is strange how my mother past away and you breathed your first breath of fresh air as you exited my womb on the same day. I have been thinking this through and if mother couldn't live... THEN YOU CAN'T LIVE EITHER!"

Right at that very second she revealed the object she was hiding, a butcher knife. Betsy came after me with it. With great speed I ran out of that circle and ran for the door. Unfortunately she was faster and tackled me centimeters away from the exit that could have saved my life. Betsy turned me over and looked at me with loving eyes. The knife made it seemed it was commanding her hand to mark the place to end my life. Just then when she made her motion towards me to kill an innocent child...


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