The Devil's Child

October 12, 2007
She wanted some one to hug, to love, but all she had was her bear. A stuffed bear can’t hug back or love. But it’s all she had. If she could hug her parents she would. They died the day she was born. She never even got to look at them. She was born in her house and her dad was boiling water in the fire place when the house went up in such a conflagration that everyone had to be doomed. Still no one understands how she lived or how the fire started. She was found under a pile of ashes when her neighbors herd her cry. This was the first and last time she has every cried. She was taken to a hospital and analyzed for internal bleeding, inhaled smoke or even a cut and bruise. Nothing, she was exceptional. Again no one could comprehend this phenomenon. She was kept in the hospital until her family could be reached. She had none. Not a grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, or a cousin. So the hospital kept her until she was old enough to be sent to the orphanage. Everyday at the hospital mysterious occurrences have been happening since she checked in. One day when she was being fed, the bottle burst into flames and the nurse’s hand had become deformed. She never fed that child again. No one did. But the child was fed threw an I.V. in a private room. Every time she was washed, the water would become scolding hot and the nurse would suffer extreme burns. With the hospitals relief, she was finally eating solid food and sent to the orphanage to live. The same occurrences happened there. No one wanted to adopt her because she had fire red eyes and pale white skin. The orphanage tried to say she had a lack of color pigment, but no one believed them after she was caught burning other children. She was referred to there as the devils child. People were scared to go near her. Five years go by and she’s now six and so alone.

“Excuse me ma’am, but the other kids keep throwing rocks and ice cubes. I told them to stop but they won’t listen. Please make them stop.” She pleads

“You don’t have to worry bout them no more. You’re being adopted.” The Care taker says excitedly.

“Really?! Ya mean it?”

“Yes, lets get you cleaned and packed up.”

“Yea ma’am!”

She was so excited that she was finally getting adopted and was even more excited that she was finally getting a name and brothers and sisters that wouldn’t throw demeaning objects at her. She arrived at the door and was appointed to the man that was adopting her. She was afraid of him. He was tall, lanky and was wearing a long white coat.

“Hello sir.” She mumbles.

“Why hello young lady. I understand that you have a special power.” He says in a friendly manner.

The girl nods her head slowly then holds out her palm, and in her palm was a small flame.

“That’s astounding! Can you control it?”

“Not when I’m sleeping. If I sleep in the house, then the house with blow up. So I sleep in the garage, were its cold so I don’t have any access to heat.”

“Your very smart for your age, did you figure this out by yourself?”

She nods.

“And I understand that you don’t have a name.”

She nods again, but this time more excitedly.

“How do you like the name Sera? It’s Latin for burning one.”

“Oh I love it!” She smiles then watches as papers are being signed and then follows him out to his car. She left without even saying good-bye, and no one wanted to say good-bye to her.

“Okay, now let’s take you to the lab to be studied.” He says.

“Huh? No! I don’t want to, I’ve been studied my whole life! No more!” She cries.

“Well that’s too bad. Do you understand how much money your worth? How valuable you are to the army? You could wipe out the world with the Snap of your fingers! Do you understand how rich I’m going to be?”

Sera feels lower than she has ever felt before in her entire life. The first time in her life she ever has a family, only wants her for money. But she doesn’t cry. Instead, she gets out of the car then runs away. He tries to follow but then she blows up the car and annihilates him with flame. She runs and runs and ends up in cold dark woods with only her bear. She tries to find some heat but cant. She explores the forest in search for some kind of warmth but doesn’t exceed. It is now night time. She lies down on the cold ground and falls asleep. The next day, she makes her way to a huge field and feels the hot sun on her colorless skin. Suddenly, she becomes scarred and aware that she is lost and alone. She doesn’t cry. Instead she runs in search for a road. She comes up on a farm and knocks on the door.

“Who’s all at the door?” A deep voice said.

“Sera.” She says “I’m lost and was maybe hoping if I could live here.”

“Who the hell?” The door swings open. “Is this some kind of a joke little girl?”

“No sir, I’m just really far away from the orphanage, and I don’t wanna go back there any how, so could I possibly live with you?”

“No you may not, now get away from my house you little freak.”

Sera doesn’t cry. Instead she builds up an even bigger ball of flame and creates a huge conflagration upon the farm house. Pictures flash threw her head, and she collapsed. She saw two people, a man and a woman, both aflame and screaming. She faints and awakens in a police car. She panics.

“What’s going on were am I!”

“Relax your fine” the police officer says smiling. “Were just going to take you to the hospital to see if you’re okay.”

“I don’t believe you!” she screams. “I’m being taken to a lab, but I don’t wanna go! I don’t wanna go!”

She closes her eyes and becomes a total flame. She blows a hole in the roof of the police car then flies threw it reaching the sky. She smites down upon the police car and soars threw the city in her new form. She smites buildings and people walking down the street. People are shrieking in terror. Within minutes, the whole city is destroyed and moves on to her next city. The air force circles her and shoots her down. She falls onto the cold pavement.

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