The Other Side of the Mirror

September 28, 2007
By danielle campanella, South Plainfield New Jersey, NJ

Being a magical mirror is not what it is cracked up to be, telling people they are the fairest and what not. Day after day, that ugly old hag asks in her piercing, annoying voice,
“Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?”
And every day I answer in the most apathetic way,
“You are the fairest of them all, O queen, the fairest our eyes have ever seen.”
Blah blah blah… the day I mean those words will be the day I can get up and walk right out of this glass world. The truth was that Snow White, the evil old hags stepdaughter, was the fairest, and I had been longing to say the words for quite some time.

“ Fair is thy beauty, majesty, but hold- a lovely maid I see, one who is more fair than thee. Lips red as rose, hair black as ebony, skin white as snow…”
Snow White was young, she had hair as dark as the night and her skin the color of snow. There was no way that the queen was not jealous of the sweet little girl. A poor sweet girl she was, right after being informed she was no longer the all what she had hoped, the queen ordered Snow White be killed. She told the huntsman to take her deep into the woods and get rid of her. Of course the man could not kill her, a beautiful girl like that could not possibly be killed like that.

The next day the queen asked the question of the day, that was of course always the same,
“Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?”
I smiled, the truth had to be told, and the ugly witch could not go around thinking that she was admired by everyone.
“Snow White is still the fairest O queen, for she is the most beautiful of them all, and you my queen, you will never be as beautiful as her.”
I swear, she shrieked so loud I could see my glass edges were ready to shatter. For days she walked back and fourth, and back and fourth, planning how she could possibly get rid of Snow White. I sat and watched knowing that the girl she despised could not be brought down.
Now, back to Snow White, after walking in the forest for hours she found a cottage deep in the forest. She walked in the place looked as if it had not been cared for in years. Clueless, ditzy, Snow White thought that orphan children lived there. I tell you that girl may be pretty but she is not the sharpest tool in the shed. With the help of the animals she cleaned the house from top to bottom thinking she might have a chance to stay if they noticed how hard she worked to keep it clean, for she would never mention the animals helping. When she was done she collapsed down onto their beds and went to sleep.
Back at the castle the queen goes through countless plans that could possibly never work.
Horse carriage accident.
struck by lightning
accidental shoe polishing accident

The ridiculous list goes on and on, and watching that fool trying to make them work made me laugh so hard I think I fogged up the glass. She finally came up with this genius idea to be a witch, poison an apple, and get Snow White to eat it, she dies; the queen once again thinks she is the best. We all know that in the end that is not how it works.
Now the owners of the little cottage return to find Snow White lying on their bed. They all stare at her for a few minutes, until she finally woke up. She awakes to find that there are no orphan children but little old men that called themselves the seven dwarfs. First there is Doc, he usually knows many things but always gets them backwards, then there is Bashful who is always smiling and happy, next there is Sneezy, Grumpy,
Sleepy, Dopey and Happy, they are all pretty self explanatory. They all noticed how clean there house was and thanked Snow White. They decided that they liked the way there house looked when they could see the floor, so they let her stay.
The next day the dwarfs all went to work at the mine leaving Snow White by herself, but they left her with the warning to not let anyone in. Back at the castle the queen made herself look uglier than she was, which is actually quite surprising because that is pretty ugly. With the intentions of killing Snow White she stormed out of the castle, thank heavens she never came back. If I hear what is true she faced a horrible death falling off a cliff. The kind of death she deserved, but that’s only my opinion.
Snow White did eat the apple, but it only made her sleep. The seven dwarfs took good care of her until one day when a prince came through the woods finding beautiful Snow White lying there. He kissed her and she awoke. He swept her off her feet bringing her to his wonderful castle where she is now treated like the queen she always should have been. I now can be asked the question
“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”
I can now answer with,
“You are the fairest of all O queen, the fairest our eyes have ever seen, with your dark colored hair, cheeks rosy red, and your skin as white as snow. You are the fairest of them all Snow White.”

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