chapter 1 The beginning ........

September 26, 2007
By melissa hernandez, Miramar, FL

There I was no where else to go. I am stranded in a 600 hungered feet tall mansion. I'll start from the begging. Ok
I was just reading one of my favorite books and it hit me that I should start an advancer ( cause well u see my life so far was pretty boring so I was dumb enough to just do an stupid exciting advancer ) look where its got me to. I am now just sitting in the dark and thinking of a way out of this place.

I tried to call some of my friends but threes no single out here. It looks to me like there some kind of green oss on the walls. (I won't dare touch that stuff.)

O I am so sorry O forgot to tell u my name is Maria I am 13 years old , 5'0 , 95 pounds , have green eyes , dirty blond hair light bound high lights . I live on a high hill top like 5-10 miles form here , I have 2 rooms and 1 bath room .my room is like 5 feet by 10 feet . And why you ask I may have a boring life is because I am like a nerd I like to read (a lot) .I also get straight A’s.

Ok back to This sistawaystion , what I am in . Did I mansion that that the front door is locked.

How I got in here is funny is that u know how I said that my life is pretty boring well I wanted to for an advancer so while I was looking for advancer I got trapped in this stupid place .I am now sitting in a round ball on the floor cause I am so scared . And I have to think very hard.

If only the lights came back on. Cause the lights went out from the lighting, it just started to thunder and lighting. Every time the lighting flickers a light comes on and I see the scarcest blondest monster you've ever see and will see in your whole entire life. And every time I see it I feel like dieing.

“Wah!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh !!!!!!!! wah !!!!!!! Why me! , why me! Why must I be stuck in here I am an innocent little girl Wah!!!!!!! !!!!!!!" I like to talk to my shelf I don’t know why.

I must find a way to get out of this horded place. Some how any way. I must find a way out. "Aha well U Know how I read a lot I read a lot of mystery books in my life so, this is almost like one or some of the mystery books I've read, so if I just think back to some of those books maybe I'll find a way out. Can’t be that hard. Because well I get straight A's and I am in gifted in the 9th grade (I skipped a grade). “Some thinking to my shelf out loud.

To be contiued................

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