Andy’s Daydream to Nightmare

September 26, 2007
By Jared Kash, New City, NY

Andy came home in his new Porsche, after work. He went over to his wife and gave her a huge kiss. He washed up, and then sat at the dinner table with his wife. “I have something very important to tell you,” he cried, “I won the lottery!!!” His wife jumped over the table and threw her arms around him. “That’s great honey, how much money?” He yelped, “500 million dollars!!!” “Now, we can finally start that family we always wanted.”

The next day, they moved from Compton to Beverly Hills. They were ready to live the life of luxury. Their house had five bedrooms, just waiting to be filled. Andy took the next week off, and his wife, Michelle, quit her job.

Ten months and nine days later, they had triplets: Moe, Larry, and Curly. They weren’t going to have anymore children because Michelle couldn’t go through the agony, again.

Andy and Michelle were finally living the life they always wanted. They went on vacations, fancy dinners, shopping sprees, and, most importantly, they could support their family.
For summer vacation, they went to Las Vegas. Andy gave in to gambling, and slowly his money slipped away. Eventually, his pockets were empty. His family left him, and he had nowhere to go.

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