September 25, 2007
Under the Grecian God Zeus, the first-class city, Ithaca, stands to amuse the many people that might cross its path by the sea. From first glance, one might notice the grand buildings, but it is not this that makes Ithaca such a wonderful place. Ithaca is always as cheerful as children are on Christmas day, thus making the town seem brighter just from the mood.

Soaring above the splendid city Ithaca lays the magnificent Mount Neoin. Every year, at the autumn season, Mount Neoin gives Ithaca a sheet of rich, colored leaves to warm her gentle frame. Each day at noon, the crowned crest of Mount Neoin caressingly touches the middle of the city at dawn, reminding the people of the city that it is now time to start their long day of work. It is Mount Neoin that is the heart of Ithaca.

The landscape, in the distances of Ithaca, is something that nobody has ever seen. From the lighthouse, a small forest island gives all those who spy upon it a mystery to wonder about all their years

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