The Fifth One Ended up in France

September 25, 2007
By Alex Pack, Park City, UT

Seven women, seven chairs.
“They’re magic.” “They’ll take you anywhere.”
An older woman sat down, closed her faded blue eyes and repeated the words, “take me to my son, take me to my son.” The chair rose up off the cold concrete floor. She was still repeating the words with her eyes sealed shut. The other woman stared in astonishment, to see a chair floating in the air. As the others watched, the women and the old dingy chair vanished.

A middle age woman sat down in the next chair, her eyes were glowing with animation. As she sat down the chair creaked.
“Take me to the Vatican,” she whispered softly to herself.

Nobody knows for sure if she ever got there, nobody heard anything from her. Nor does anybody know what happened to the other five chairs except for the fifth one who ended up in France. The words that she had repeated back in the room 13 years ago were, “I want to see the world.”

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