The school prankster!

September 25, 2007
People always say I am a goody-two-shoes. I agree with them. Never have I talked out loud without raising my hand during class. I always say polite things to my friends and even my bullies. I don’t know how to stand up for myself. I’m incapable of not following the rules. I never got a C on a test. But here is the thing, I don’t want to be a goody, goody! I always get made fun of in school. My only real friend was Jennifer Answer. Oh, by the way, my name is Jeri. This is how my story begins…

It all started in sixth period science. I am in seventh grade. We had just changed seats. I used to sit next to Dennis the Menace, who always fell off his chair and brought me with him. But now, I have to sit next to Paul the Prank Puller. He always got in trouble. I never knew how he did it. When my teacher left the room to ask another teacher if she had toilet paper, Nick, in my class, had a nose bleed. My teacher didn’t even see that he had gotten punched. They never see anything!

Paul turned his chair over to me. “Hey baby.” He said. I felt uncomfortable.

“Hey.” I said.

“Have you ever yelled out an answer in class.” He asked me.

“Loads of times.” I lied.

“Right. When Mr. Alan comes back. I want you to yell YOU SUCK MR. ALAN.”

“That’s mean! I would never do anything like that!”

Mr. Alan walked into the classroom with three rolls of toilet paper. He gave them to Nick.

“YOU SUCK MR. ALAN!” Paul shouted. My teacher looked at him.

“I believe you know where the principles office is!” Shouted Mr. Alan.

Paul got out of his seat, and whispered to me, “It’s not that hard.” And walked out of the room.

When I went to homeroom for intervention, Jennifer came up to me. “You have to sit next to Paul the Prank Puller in science!”

“Shhhhh!” I said. I didn’t want to get in trouble. I nodded though.

“That sucks!”

“Jennifer! I believe you have work to do!” My teacher said. Jennifer looked at me. “Can’t you ever get in trouble!”

“No.” I said. I looked at my homework paper. What is three fourths plus one third?

The next day I went into my first period class. Math. I went into my binder to get my homework out. But it wasn’t there!

“Jeri, can you answer question three on the board.” Said my math teacher.

“I lost my homework sheet!” I said. Miss. Lelly looked at me weirdly.

“Detention, I guess. That is the rule, Jeri.”

Detention! My first detention!

As class ended, I walked out of the room and knocking into someone. Spilling my books everywhere. It was Paul. He waved a piece of paper in front of my face.

“Missing something baby?” He asked.

“That’s my math homework! I got a detention because of you!” I yelled at him.

“Ya, I know. That was the plan. You better make sure you have your other homework.” He left.

I am not a tattletale. I am not going to tell on Paul only because he stole my homework. During English, I had my homework and didn’t get in trouble. Everything went smoothly as it always did. Next I had detention. I went to room 13, odd isn’t it?

I gave the teacher my slip. She was very old with rectangular spectacles that magnified her eyes. Her skin on her face was wrinkly, and she still wore an expandable in her mouth, even though she was in her sixties. She talked funnily. Every person who was in detention said she was really mean. And they were right!

“What did shyou do?” She slurred her words.

“I forgot my homework, by accident though!” I said.

“Yes it always is. I want you to write ‘I will not forget my homework’ one hundred times.” She gave me a piece of paper. I sat at a desk and started to write.

I will not forget my homework. I will not forget my homework. I will not forget my homework. I will not forget my homework. I will not forget my homework. I will not forget my homework. I will not forget my homework. I will not forget my homework. I will not forget my homework. I will not forget my homework. I will not forget my homework.

Ring, Ring.

The bell rang. I got up and gave her my sheet of paper. That was kind of fun! I opened my lunch bag. Yellow corn spilled all over me and my table. Everyone looked over at me and started to laugh.

“Got corn?” Paul came up to me, laughing.

“You did this!”

“I ain’t called Paul the Prank Puller for nothing!”

I wanted to do something to him. But I didn’t want to get into trouble. So I didn’t do anything.

Miss. Falltter, the cafeteria teacher came up to me. Her nick name was Miss. Fatty, only because she was so fat. She was holding a mop. “Clean this up!” She handed me the mop. I started to clean.

When I got to my locker, I smelled of corn. My stomach was aching for food. I did my combination. 24,12,29…


All of my supplies in my locker fell out onto the floor. A piece of paper lay over everything.

Here is your homework back!


I flipped the paper to the other side. It was my math homework. I was blazing with hatred! I still didn’t do anything. My math teacher, Miss. Lelly came out to me.

“Jeri! What have you done with your locker?”

“It all just fell-”

“I’m afraid I have to call you parents!” She was such a mean teacher. She even yelled at a kid for doodling on the side of his homework. When I got home, my mom talked to me about responsibilities. I didn’t need to hear it but I acted like I listened.

That night, I planed out the best prank ever! It would totally get Paul!

The next day came. At morning, I went over to Paul. He was carrying all of his supplies for the next period.

“Hey, no hard feeling about yesterday, or the day before?” He said.

“Oh no! I was just here to tell you the principle wanted to see you.” I lied.

“Oh. See you later.” He said.

“Here, I’ll take your stuff to the room for you.” I took his things. We both dropped our things. He helped me pick them up. Soon, I had mine and his supplies, and he left. I went to out first period class. Math.

I went into his homework pile, and took everything out. It was genius! He would get detention for being late and not having his homework. Two for one!

It was twenty minutes into class when Paul raced into the room.

“Detention Mr. Paul! Your stuff was here, but you were absent! Now take out your homework! That goes for everyone!” Miss. Lelly yelled. She wasn’t in a good mood. Paul took his seat. I didn’t look at him, I only smiled to myself.

“I don’t seem to have my homework. Guess that is another detention Miss. Lelly.” Paul said. The teacher nodded, very angered. Paul and me met eyes. He smiled at me. He knew it was me that made him get detention. But why did he smile?

During my seventh period science, I was learning about the cell. How the nucleus is the brain and all of that stuff.

“I need two people.” He said. Almost everyone but me raised their hands. “Ah, yes, Paul and Jeri.”

Neither Paul nor me raised our hands! We got up and went to out teacher.

“I need you to go and tell Mrs. Flanck that I need the stuff now. Her room number is one twenty.”

Me and Paul left the room.

“Nice prank. Not good enough though. See, I get detention all the time. Got to do something better then that.”

“Just watch yourself.” I said. Even though my plan was over. We reached Mrs. Flanck’s room. She gave us two square tubes. One looked like water was inside it, the other was green slime. I had to carry the green slime, how much does that suck! We walked out of the room. The green slime smelled horrific!

“Did you have a good trip! See you this fall!” Paul said. I didn’t know what he was talking about. Until he stuck out his foot at me. I tripped over it, and the green slime fell on my shirt. He laughed hysterically.

“What are you laughing at water boy!” I said. I kicked my foot at where his thigh and cave met. He fell to the floor to, spilling water on his head. I got up. Whipping off some of the green slime off of me. The next thing I know, Paul is throwing the green slime at me. Laughing at the same time as running, I got the rest of the water and dumped it on him. It was the most fun I ever had in school! I slipped on the water and ran to catch myself on the wall. Not knowing there was a fire alarm there. I triggered it. All of the kids ran out of the room. The first teacher to notice us was Miss. Lelly.


The next day, after I showered five times to get the green slime out of my hair, I went to detention, along with Paul. The old teacher told us to write ‘I will always follow the direction’ two hundred times.

As half an hour past, I didn’t think I had it in me, I handed my sheet of paper to the old teacher.

“WHAT IS THIS!” she yelled.

Paul looked at my paper, smiling,

I will always follow the direction two hundred times!

“Rewrite this, only write it three hundred times!”

Me and Paul left.

“You did good.” He said, putting his arm around me. “I taught you well.”

I smiled. I was no longer a goody-goody!

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