King Arthur Court

September 24, 2007
By Chad Bernstein, New City, NY

As I started thinking about my past, King Arthur Court jumped up into my thoughts. Why was it always popping up in my head? I began to think about why I was here. This place was so familiar! But, something was different. I started walking and someone kept whispering my name in my ear. Chad, Chad, Chad... “STOP!” I yelled. No one was near me; I was alone. It was like someone was teasing me, and wouldn’t get out of my head! I ran as fast as I could, my heart frantically beating like a drum. The faster I ran, the faster my heart pounded against my chest. I was afraid, but of what? I stopped running and my heart slowly simmered down. I saw a brown and white house. A very old, but beautiful house. The windows were covered with dirt and the door was all rusty. But to me, it looked like the most beautiful house, with bright white doors and walls. The lawn was dead and yellow, but to me it was bright green. I fell down onto my knees, now all covered in mud, afraid that I would never see this most beautiful site again. It was a wonderful moment that I felt was slipping away, faster and faster. It felt like I was being pulled deeper and deeper into a huge hole and I kept resisting, trying to hold on to this moment. A big flash of light appeared before my eyes, and then I was back in my living room. I had no more recollection of this King Arthur Court!

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