Dvae's Horrible Pain!

October 12, 2007
The holocaust is a time of vast pain and mourning for the countless number of Jews that died for their religion. Though some did live and my story is based on the life of holocaust boys in that time. Dave a seven year old boy tall, scrawny, and had stunted black hair. He was a Jew who went through the pain and this is his journey.

Dave was sitting on his moldy coach as he looked out the murky window he saw a giant man with a red wristband on his arm. Then he heard a loud knock on his broken door. Then he heard the man scream” Jews come out.” Petrified he ran to his mom and whispered” a giant man wants us to leave and all other Jews.” My mom put her burgundy robe on and got out of her ruined bed. The man shouted” get your belongings and hurry up!” He packed my green toothbrush and pair of unwashed clothes in a black bag. My mom grabbed me and we walked out the door. When we opened the door we both saw the street jam-packed with Jews.

Then out of the corner of his eye he saw a Nazi take a metal stick and beat an elderly lady. He asked" Why are they so rude?" to his scared mom. Then his mom firmly grabed his hand and went back up the bent stairs of their house. She took one floor board and ripped it off as fast as a cheetah. Then told me in a quiet voice" Honey i love you with all my heart though i wish you not to die." He screamed" mom please dont leave." His mom's eyes full of water as she placed the wood over his head.
A Nazi walked in and yelled"lady come at once." My mom cried"Yes." Then rigt over me i heard a gunshot go off. As my mom's body lay on the ground bleeding. He curled up in a ball as he thought to stay quiet.
The Nazi grabbed the rusty door knob and looked at them room as he heard a hiccup. The Nazi put a grin on his face and took a shot at the floor until the boy screamed" STOP." The man took the floor board off and dragged him out of the room and down the steep stairs. He took a gun to his throat and said"don't talk you piece of s***." His eyes full of fear and the man with a huge fake smile. The boy was put in a red wagon that looked like blood was all over it.
He covered his mouth with an old dirty rag that his mom made him. Dave stood near a man that had a dagger through his neck. Dave stood there and prayed to God" Help me to get through this pain in my heart." The wagon started to move and he had no clue where i was going. Finally, three days later he tiredly got off the wagon. Though over a half of the people died of starvation.
He was took to an Aushwitz concentration camp. I asked the man next to me" What will happen?" He shaked like a leaf and told me" Only god knows son."
Then i stood in a line of men until we came to a stone building were they were giving number tattos. He felt his hear stop he could have wet himself. The man behind him told Dave "go through the pain or throw yourself on the electric fence." He thought i would see my mom in heaven so he ran to the electric fence. He threw his body on the fence and died a painful death.
This story is for all the hiden children and ones who killed themselves in camps.Also the people who actually lived the horrible pain.

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