September 23, 2007
The small creature tried to hop away from the small chubby hands that grasped after it. Too late, the child grasped the slimy thing. Rejoicing in the slimy feeling of its flesh beneath her fingers.
A large grin broke out on her face, rosy cheeks showing the effort she put into capturing this wriggling beauty. She dashed to the door, holding the jar between her feet she squatted and put the struggling creature into the jar.
She snatched the lid, holes already present, and hastily fastened it to the top. Trapping the small amphibian in the jar. It croaked halfheartedly, eyes gazing sightlessly at the girl who stared into the jar, transfixed by the rebellious hue of its flesh.
White like the snow instead of the opposite, green as tnis summer's grasses. She smiled again, the small frog simply stared as the girl gaped so appreciatively at the albino animal. So rare, so beautiful. Suddenly the door opened, the mother stepped out, a look of disgust crossed her face. She knelt by the jar and looked at her daughter, ruffling her hair affectionately.
"Mommy!" the girl exclaimed, the mother looked at her with feigned interest.
"I caught a froggie!" She said, delight in her voice as she held the jar up to her mother's nose. Mother smiled, and pulled back a bit. Taking the jar with the captured animal in her hands.
"Sweetie, that's wonderful! He must have taken forever to catch!" She began, the girl smiled delightedly.
"But, what if he has a family? With little baby frogs and a wife?" She asked, as serious as was possible with such a ridiculous topic, ridiculous only to her, the child believed every word.
The girl looked at the frog as mother set the jar with a slight chink of class on concrete.
"You decide. Dinner will be ready soon. So hurry." She smiled, kissing the girl lightly on the forehead, leaving her to her thoughts.
The door closed behind her and she was alone.
The child picked up the jar, staring at the animal carefully, critically.
"Do you have babies, froggie?" she asked it, it croaked in response. The girl nodded carefully, seriously and stood. Rushing off to the bushes where she first sighted the animal she opened the jar. The frog gratefully leapt from the confines of the glass jar and onto a leaf. The girl smiled and set the jar on the ground.
"Bye bye froggie" She grinned and ran off to wash her hands for dinner.

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