September 23, 2007
“Please wake up Mary, everyone is waiting at the beach” urged the frantic maid, Ariel, as she tried to rouse Princess Mary. Cheerfully, the princess woke up to the grand castle walls. She then smiled at the dire fate that awaited her and even at the maid whom she secretly hated. Walking through the castle halls in order to get to the beach, Mary felt grateful for the blessings put upon her. Exile did not scare her. “That’s her, Princess Mary,” gossiped one of castle’s servants to another servant, “She’s the one who is to be punished for the crime.” “My God, what’s become of this family when shameful things such as this happen?” replied the other servant. “We can only pray that she will live a happy life after her exile,” commented an eavesdropping maid. Arriving at the beach, Mary was met by every prominent court official, royal relative and loyal friend she ever had. The judges had decided not to handle her too harshly since she was in truth innocent of the crime. Around this time, one of Mary’s friends rushed upon her, hugging her, kissing her, trying to comfort both herself and Mary. “Why, Mary, must you give up your home for a vulgar, ungrateful father like this disgraceful King?” shouted the friend to Mary. “Because I understand why my father committed the act and I am willing to sacrifice myself in order to save him,” explained Mary, “and besides as long as we’re alive there’s always hope for both me and you.” Mary’s father stood on the beach irritated at the scene. “Mary” began the chief judge, “Your father, our king, has been found guilty of murdering a priest, but you have offered to receive the punishment in his place am I correct.” “Yes, since this nation would fall apart without our dear king” replied Mary. “In that case please step onto the boat and we shall exile you off to sea where you may strike foreign land or not” Hatred towards King Henry grew even worse as Mary walked towards the small boat. Sensing this, King Henry cried, “What do you people know of my life and sufferings and most of all of my troubles with that damn priest. You can be angry all you want with me, but that silly daughter of mine choose to suffer in my place even though I am a real man who can handle the consequences of his actions.” With that outburst, the king quelled the crowd. “Farewell dear Mary, a piece of my heart will always keep your memory alive” whispered Ariel, the maid to herself. Mary didn’t say anything, because Mary couldn’t release all the words she needed to say and so she only waved goodbye as she was pushed out to sea. At this point, the king could no longer hold back his tears and wept in the way a father weeps for the loss of a good child.

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