The Abandoned University

September 22, 2007
Many suspicious occurrences have taken place in the abandoned University. I for one have never been in it, but the whole scandal seems terrorizing. I’ve heard about several people living in it, they all seemed to be well rounded. As the days go on in the school, they’ve suddenly vanished.

I’ve always been tempted into housebreaking the facility with a few friends to discern the possibilities or odds, in relation to the university being haunted. Not that I believe in ghost or anything, its Halloween and in a way I desire for something to occupy myself. What a better way to engross oneself by breaking into a haunted school?

Anticipating for the school day to be over, my friends and I were finally on the bus. Scheming our ideas frantically, we’ve arrived to a perilous plan. Our friend Bobby was to patrol the front of the university and notify us of any public suspensions or wandering eyes. Jason was to procure a ladder and bring it around the back. The rest of the crew were to ascend the ladder through the posterior of the house and onto the roof. Afterwards, we’d enter through the top portion of the university. Agreeing to this preposterous plot, we went home.

An hour later, our plan took action. Jason brought the ladder and we ascended into onto the roof. It was really dusty and abnormal from all the antiques and aberrational pictures.

“Eric, Its kind fearsome to be up here alone, unsupervised?” Jason questioned.

“ Stop being too skeptical, its just an abandoned school”, I’ve replied.

“ Yea, a haunted university”, Jason hissed.”

After several minutes, Bobby came through the back window, his long hair on his eyes.
“Anything spooky or out of the ordinary yet, Jason?” Bobby teased.

“Is that your cover up, cause we all know your bottling with terror,” Jason said, tempered.
Jason was always the young one in our group; he craves for so much attention at the age of 13. One time in our science class, he screamed after seeing a spider lingering off the ceiling. Everyone laughed at his fear and he was nicknamed Spiderman. Jason could be such a little girl at times, but we still love him.

After ruminating through school assets, we found the downstairs. With a flashlight set on high beam, we descended the stairs. I felt Jason’s quivering body, which seem to annoy me a bit, but I’ve kept quiet. Bobby spotted the science room and signaled us to enter the enormous cubical. While trudging towards the room, Bobby shoved Jason into the cubicle. With only seconds to process what happened, the floor disseminated and fell down.

“Help”, Jason screamed, his arms flapping frenziedly.

Immediately after, the floor was replaced with a substitute.

I still heard his scream as he fell, my hands over mouth, visualizing the events leading up to this treacherous plot. Within seconds his voice was gone, ceased from us. Bobby was beating himself, tears in his eyes for the notion that he pushed him in. not knowing what to say, I was also in shock.

After grieving about our best friend, we’d vowed to get him back before we’d leave. We have thought about splitting up, but then decided not to after thinking about Jason’s fall.

“Eric, look it’s the gymnasium maybe Jason could have feel in there?” Bobby questioned, worriedly.

“We have to be very cautious though, traps and illusions could be set up anywhere.” I’ve replied.

We crept towards the southern hallway of the university leading to the gymnasium While trudging our way over there, something absurd fell. It was some sort of watch; it was gold and unique looking. It’s seems as if someone was watching us. I couldn’t articulate or analyze the odds of someone pondering around here; the school doesn’t even seem sanitized.

“Who do you think it belongs to Eric?” Bobby asked.

“I don’t know for sure, but things are becoming weirder as we speak.” I’ve replied

Bobby’s eyes began to glimmer. “Looks pretty cool, maybe we should keep it.”

“ I’ll just hold onto it for now, it could be of use later.” I said, with a questioned look.

Bobby gently taped gymnasium’s sidewall and it expeditiously swirled around, trapping him along the other side. Jason started to pound the walls, yelling “Eric what’s happening!”

I couldn’t endure this any longer, I wanted a horrid Halloween and I got one. I only wished it had been fake, like the ones at a universal amusement park. This was my fault; I needed a way to reverse or better this scruple. Only wishing to leave along sides with my friends and forget about this erroneous day at the haunted university.

I was very determined to unraveling the mystery on how this school works. I’ve reminisced or condoned the past events we’ve undergone in this house, I decided to stay away from huge walls and enormous cubicles. As I was walking from hallway to hallway, there was an odd figure pondering the hall. His face was shaded and he had a top hat along with a pair of gloves. He started to walk towards me. From instinct, I started walking backwards, but in turn he walked faster. Before I can perceive what was happening, I started running and he too started to run. I was so terrified that I’ve plummeted onto the solid tiled floor.

He picked me up and said, “ Calm down there kid, I’ve heard about your friends”.

It was kind of a bizarre moment, trying to apprehend whether or not he was trying to help me.
I retracted my hand and asked, “who are you sir, and how do know of my friends and I being in this school.”

“My name is Mr. Stevens, I used to be a janitor for this here school. Once you get trapped in, its hard to escape. Many people have been trapped for years and are now resting on this very ground.”

“Isn’t there a way of getting out, I mean I can’t desert my friends”? I said, worried.

“Kid, you messed up big, what part of haunted do you not understand?” he said seriously.

“I was just looking for a horrid Halloween and then I’d return home, but things turned out differently.” My eyes started to water.

Well I guess you’ve never heard the myth of this university. There once was a boy named James who flogged a baseball into a window of the university. So of course he went in after it, otherwise his friends would mock him. One thing lead to another, he couldn’t get out.

Between periods in this awkward aperture, he read lots of books that explained little to nothing about this university. He even read a documentary about some golden watch having a key effect of some sort in this house.”

“You mean this thing?” I shined the golden watch in his face.

“hmm, that could be it he said sternly. Let me see it,”

I handed him the watch and he briefly explained.

“As far as I can remember, the myth states that you have to adjust the timing to reveal certain locations of the school. Ah yes, there we are, your friend Jason. He is in the math room. As for your friend bobby, he is in the auditorium. Well, lets reunite you and friends by using this watch to reveal any obstacles.”

We arrived at the sidewall of the math room and Mr. Stevens tapped it twice. The walls began to descend. Trudging down them, we saw Jason sniffling with his hands over his knees.

“Eric, thank god you’re here, I’ve been trying to get out of this room but my efforts were futile.” Jason said with amenity.

“Yea, I thought something happened to you, this school is very absurd. By the way this is Mr. Stevens, he was the janitor for this school.

“Great to meet you” Mr. Stevens said, I’m glad I could help.”

“Well anyways, we need to find Bobby. He has also been trapped, but this time by a turning wall. Mr. Stevens claims that he’s in the auditorium.”

After a brief reunion, Mr. Stevens lead the way.

As time passed, we finally arrived to the auditorium. Bobby was shocked to see us and we had a little emotional reunion, apologizing to each other. Afterwards, we escalated the stairs and went out the window after thanking Mr. Stevens.

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