Pick Us!

September 21, 2007
It was a warm, September day. I was leaving for school in a few minutes when I realized I had forgotten to pack my gym clothes. I rushed into my room and seized my gym bag. I grabbed a random pair of shorts and a shirt and stuffed them into my bag. I ripped open my sock drawer and just as I bent down to grab a pair of socks, I heard a small, squeaky voice say, "Don't pick them! Pick us!"
I looked around to see from whom the voice was coming, but I was alone. Then I heard the voice again.
"Pick us, we say, pick us!"
I looked down into my drawer and saw the voice was coming from a pair of blue polka-dot socks.
Another pair of socks started to talk. "But we want you to wear us! Oh please!"
I just stared at the socks for a moment, and then weakly laughed. Obviously, I didn't get enough sleep last night and became delusional.
"Don't pick them! Pick us! We keep your feet warm!" said a pink pair of socks.
"Its gym class," said another pair, "she isn't concerned with keeping her feet warm."
An arguement broke out between the socks. Soont their bickering turned to fighting and before I knew it, my socks were trying to punch each other out.
In just a matter of seconds, a pair of purple socks was taken down by two other socks while other socks, left and right, were being knocked out.
After a minute or so, only two orange socks were left standing, looking exhausted and beaten up. "We are victorious!" they shouted before falling to the ground, out cold.
I looked down into my drawer to see every single sock passed out. Just when I thought all hope was lost, two squeaky voices said, "You can wear us!"
I looked down to see the two purple socks that were taken out at the beginning of the fight smiling up at me. I didn't need to think twice. I snatched the socks up, shoved them into my bag and raced out the door.
All day, I still wasn't sure what happened with my socks really happened or if it was just my imagination. So after school, I raced to my room and flung open my sock drawer.
"Uh...hello?" I asked, feeling very stupid.
No answer.
I laughed to myself for my stupidity when I heard about ten different squeaky voices say, "We aren't happy with you."
I whirled around to see all my socks staring up at me with resentment.
"Why not?" I asked.
"You didn't pick us," they said. "We no longer want to cover your feet."
With that, they jumped out of my drawer and hopped out of my life forever.

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