Arising from the West

September 21, 2007
That night, the dark, all wqatching sky was above all t he land. It was looking straight down on me as i walked on what seemed to be a never ending sidewalk. I could feel the sky shining its light wathcing over me. That dark, yet bright sky made the grassshine like a polished shoe and the slight touching wind blew the green, leafy branches around. As i walked, i looked up at the sky, and I saw shooting starts flying through the sky as if they were free as birds.
If one looked at the bluffs, a person could see that they were sleeping, just waiting for a new day to arise, so they could shine with green trees and tine, baby like plants. I finally arrived to the location I was going, an old abandoned church. I went into the church, and as i walked up the red, silk filled aisles, I could hear the creaking of the wood that was under me and see the glimmering light come in through the stained and colorful glass. It was such a beautiful sight to see; I almost shed a tear.
I left the old church and went back to my rickety house, when I got there, I laid down on t he wet grass and just stared at the sky. I had so many questions about what was up there. then I looked straight at the moon, so bright and the king of the night sky. It looked so lonely just sitting up there, shining down, with no one to talk to, it was like an outcast. I left the moon and started looking at all the sleeping stars jjust sitting there waiting for daylight to strike and the sun to kill them.
As I laid there looking up at the sky, i witnessed an amazing sight of all the stars all starting to vanish away into thin air. I thought the bright sun was coming up, but i saw no light from the west. Then i saw them; the clouds overcoming the starts brightness. When all the stars and the moon were covered, it was as dark as the color black. I couldn't see anything, and i was wondering what the stars were doing right then at that moment.
I continued to lie in that very spot I had lain down in earlier in the night. And that's when I saw them clearing, going away as if God himself had commanded them to leave, and in an instant, the clouds vanished into dust. Then looking at the west, I saw the huge, bright monster arising, killing the moon and the stars with its brightness. The sun was welcoming and warming to my soul, so I stayed in my wet spot and just let all the sun in. when i finally had enough of the heart-warming sun, I went inside and slept until the moon was out again.

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