September 21, 2007
I paced the Greyhound bus station with my iPod screaming Metallica into my ears. My fingernails were significantly smaller than when I first arrived. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why I was so nervous. She wasn't going to leave me the second she saw me; but I still could not relax, no matter how I reassured myself. My heart skipped beats everytime a bus arrived, but so far, she hadn't been riding any. The cold pit in my stomach contrasted with the warm rain that was falling down in spirals. Lindsey and Jordan both tried to keep me inside the car, but I felt compelled to wait outside for her.
I started fidgeting with the strings on my Zelda hoodie as the next bus came into view. My heart almost leapt out of my mouth as I saw the flashing Oklahoma City sign. I couldn't hide my ecstasy as I jumped up an down trying to see through the tinted windows. The bus doors opened up and the first person stepped out. I almost fainted when I saw it was her.
She was wearing a plaid skirt and a Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie on. Her converse shoes were marked all over with colored Sharpie markers and her cheap plastic sunglasses glinted in what little sunlight pierced through the clouds. I couldn't move or speak for a few seconds as I saw her look for me. Then I found my voice and ran screaming her name.
She turned, saw me, and dropped her bags in the middle of the street. We locked into a tight embrace. we kissed so fiercely that niether of us could breath, but we refused to let go. Lindsey had to get out of the car and push us into the back seat wheile Jordan grabbed Candance's bag and put them into the trunk. It took both of us less than five minutes to begin catching up on the sleep we missed the night before as we drove back home for good...

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