Time Travel

September 1, 2007
By Elizabeth Hillstrom, Earlysville, VA


I stepped out of the house and called, "goodbye mom." "Have a good time at school," she replied. As if that's ever going to happen I thought as I walked down the street. Whoa! As I turned the corner, I saw a shimmery patch in the sidewalk. All thought processes stopped as I struggled to comprehend what I saw. The pavement was actually rippling. What's more, it semmed to be pulling me in. Finally, I couldn't stand the pull anymore. I stepped into the rift and Richmond dissapeared.

Part One

Rainbows swirled around me for a few seconds and things began to solidify.I saw cobbled streets and horse drawn buggies going past me. I nearly got trampled by a horse as it galloped up behind me. The horse reared and stopped as it's rider-a man in a soldiers uniform-said, "this is Colonel Jack Andrews and you're under arrest." I backed away and ducked into a side alleyway. I started to run. The Colonel raised his sword and bellowed, "follow that idiot in those ridiculous clothes." I turned a corner and there was my shining rift. It must have magically followed me or something. I stepped into it gratefully, and the chaos around me dissapeared.

Part Two

The colors swirled again and I found myself in the age of the dinosaurs. I walked over to a thick gray tree and leaned against it. I had almost dozed off when the tree seemed to move. Had it just been my imagination? Apparently not. The 'tree' lifted off of the ground and crashed down about 2 meters away. That's when I realized that what I had been leaning against was actually a brontosaurus. I had learned in science class that brontosauri were herbovores, but I forgot, panicked, and ran. Suddenly, I was faced with 2 or 3 real threats: Tyrannosaurus Rexes. I backed away slowly and accidentally fell backwards into my swirling rift. Boy was I glad.

Part Three

The colors swirled and I closed my eyes. All of the colors were giving me a headache. Suddenly my stomache clenched and I opened my eyes. I was floating in outer space, but somehow I could still breathe. In front of me there was a huge cloud of reddish orange dust. I thought back to science class. This must be the big boom. Upon closer examination, I noticed that the cloud was made of dust and gas and had a huge rock in the center. Smaller rocks were flying towards it and getting stuck to the surface. Strangely, I seemed to be mentally drawn to it too. I floated closer and reached out my hand to grab a loose rock off the surface. Just as my fingers closed around the small rock, I floated into the cloud of gases. It was awful. The gases burned my throat and stung my eyes. My skin got itchy all over and I started coughing. Blindly, I backed away, and then I felt a gentle coolness around my face. I opened my eyes and I was in the shining rift once more. Conclusion The colors swirled and I was in the 21st century again. I checked my watch, barely a minute had gone by. I looked at the Big Boom rock and smiled; it was my proof that it really happened. I resumed walking down the street, but this time I was whistling. Maybe I would have a good time at school after all.

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