A Dark Figure

September 1, 2007
By Brett Baggett, Park City, UT

Thunder crashed as the girl drove up to the edge of the cliff. It was night, and she was visiting her grandmotherÕs house. As she cut off the ignition of her car and gathered her red cloak from the back seat, it was silent minus the pouring, pounding rain. The headlight of her Ford slowly dimmed, as she searched around her grandmotherÕs forest. Quickly and without warning, a dark figure blurred across the driveway. The girl held her breath. Once again, another rush of the unknown figure, this time with a flash of white eyes.
Her vision blurred, and slowly she felt more and more faint. She woke up and found herself in an unknown place that smelled of fresh pine. A smell of which she knew well. She found herself in complete darkness, and wasnÕt able to see her own hand. Panic arose as she could hear slight movement around her. A chill slowly made its way up her pine. The pine smell and the fresh air she had smelled before was now gone. She wondered if that would be her last smell of life...
A bright light shined and flashed across her eyes. When the light faded, she found herself back in her car. Against all inner voices, she opened her car door. The scent of pine filled her senses as fear rushed though her mind. She ran towards her grandmotherÕs house, clutching her bag of fresh-baked cookies. The door was within her sight, when...
The dark figure leapt straight in front of her. It appeared to have the body of a man, but the head of a wolf. Its white eyes pierced though the darkness.
She screamed. It didnÕt matter, her wailing didnÕt postpone the end. If came anyway.

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