Humpty Dumpy

September 1, 2007
By Michael Gallagher, Park City, UT

Humpty Dumpy had a great fall. It was quite a tragic day for poor Humpty, even though everyone loved him. He was the captain of the football team, and really popular. It all started When his alarm when off at 6:45, 25 minutes later than it should have. BLEE BLEE BLEE SLAP! went the alarm as Humpty shut it off. That was just the begging of a horrible day for Humpty.

Humpty was you typical dumb jock, and now that he had fallen off the wall, and cracked his big head open, he was even dumber! LetÕs rewind back to the begging of the day, and his alarm clock. He had heard the alarm so many times before in his school years, that nw its BLEE BLEE BLEE, had become implanted into his thick head. Stuck there like a song, and today it was particularly bad. Stuck there in his head, Stuck. BLEE BLEE BLEE, throwing off his concentration in everything he did.

HE couldnÕt throw at all in football, and it cost he and his team, the Flying Ls, lost the championship. His girlfriend Humpty dumped him, because she, I SO CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU HUMPTY, WE ARE SO LIKE DONE!Ó And on top af all that, The Rutgers denied his application. So, he went to his wall. He climbed to the top, heart welling, and pondered the meanings of the universe.

It was then that a sparrow flew over. He threw a rock at the innocent bird, with all of his anger, and missed. All the might he put into the throw, was his down fall. literally. Wow,Ó said one of the kings men, this guy was a loserÓ A small vigil was held for Humpty Dumpy, and everyone was there, except for the small sparrow.

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