The End

September 1, 2007
There were endless wars between men and beasts. And I was on all of those wars. Blood flooded as a river over lifeless bodies of both man and beast. I witnessed the kings falling and men crying with vainly tears. Beasts would roar and their metal eyes would search for another man's life to be shattered. There was no pain anymore; only a thought of murder. I wish I had never witnessed it; but I did. And it evoked in my memory every single night when I woke up and thanked God for prolonging my life.

I knew many of those men who died fighting and regretting their births. Never again I looked at the world the same; everything chahged and I started to appreciate every second of my life. I lost my brother on one of the wars. I saw him falling on the ground and everything stopped; he fold down, his eyes were searching for me and for the sky above. I screamed futilely, not wanting him to go. But he died, resting on my bloody arms. My brother was killed with a sward and there was a mark of a lower race of human. The beasts that we someday were; when we killed millions of each other because we believed in a higher race. Now they were fighting with us. They killed our wives and children; erasing our men from the sight of the earth. There was nothing left in them; besides hatred towards us. At the wars I saw strong men become weak and conquered. I saw young boys becoming manlier with each dead being falling onto the ground. I told myself not to think, but to fight till the end. And the End would come sometime; when I will not be able to lift my sword and say the last words to my men. The word "End" overwhelmed me and made my lay down and twirl in pain of awating. I needed to breathe in the fresh air; not a scent of blood and rage all over the deadly grounds. I needed to see the blue skies; not those red and dim heights. I needed to feel the water touching my dried-out skin, wash my face with it, and wash all my misgivings with it.

There was something in the air one day; it was cold and snowing. We were shivering and felt the hot blood striking on our flesh. There was something unusual; what scared us. I looked up and saw what I have not seen in years; the sun. It was blurry and bleak, but real and warm. I wanted to reach for it, take it and make it promise to never go away again. The War was over. I saw my wife and my children and felt uneasy pain leaving my dull body. There were tears of joy and tears of those who were not with us anymore.

Each day was a new beginning of that day and each night was its end. Yet I learned one thing; there is always another end to everything, no matter how we picture it. Everything has its destiny; and so does the End.

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