September 1, 2007
By Rachel Young, Henderson, NV

The moon fadded as he came. I waited like an aniamal being hunted. I waited for death to come. For the pain to be over. The moon fadded as he came closer to his prey. The prey that would soon be his to torture. He would never stop his hunt intill I was dead. I was his prey for him to hunt. The person that I hide was going to die. I was forever going to stay in that church. The church where I was found. The full moon Fadded as he came around the building. He brought the darkness with him. I was going to join that blackness with those unfortanete people. "Come to me." He hissed. Not needing a door to enter. He walked right on though the walls and the blackness fallowed. "Come and you will be at oeace with yourself." I had no choice but to come. I hide myself till now. I fallowed and was sallowed whole in the darkness. I never was going to come out of there whole again. I would leave my joy in that blackness and that happyness I use to feel. I left that behind as I fallowed him into that blackness.

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