September 1, 2007
By Katharine Linder, Las Vegas, NM

The park was not the picture of a model park, at one point it might have been. The gazebo, when freshly painted, could have been pretty. The red paint was chipping to reveal the rotting wood. Hundreds of young couples had carved their initials into the wood. "Most of them never lasted" she said to herself. The grass was green, but patchy. The only park equipment was an old merry-go-round. That was fine by her though. They were always her favorite part anyway. The park was deserted, there were much better parks. She sat on the merry-go-round, pushing herself with her feet and, in the process, getting an astonishing amount of sand in her shoes. She suddenly was spinning very fast. As she whipped around she saw a body through her flying hair. It was male, wearing khaki shorts and a plain black polo. He had a gecko tattooed on his inner wrist she saw as she slowed down. As the merry-go-round stopped she saw him walking to his car. She imagined running up to him turning him around and kissing him. Carving their initials into the rotting wood except they would last, she knew it. He drove off as she wished she had more courage. She would definitely come back to this gorgeous park tomorrow.

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