September 1, 2007
She walked into the glass front doors of the library and looked toward the librarian behind the counter. "A Beautiful Mind?" The librarian asked "He has it doesn't he?" "Yes." Scott E. Tanner had checked out the book Tess had wanted again. For six months every time she went into the library for a book it was already taken. She was somewhat tempted to try and check out Brick Laying for Dummies or Goodnight Moon, just to see what would happen. "What's his address?" Tess asked, exasperated. "I'm afraid that's confidential," said the librarian warily. "I'm not going to lynch him or anything. I just wanted to discuss Tolstoy and Bronte with him." Tess replied innocently. "Oh alright." The librarian said, exasperated. Tess set out at a fast walk from the library. It was only a couple of blocks but she was frustrated and curious. I mean this guy had good taste in books. It wasn't like Tess was reading off a list by Oprah or something, she just got books she had heard about or read before. She was walking down 11th street, counting 718, 720,722. There it was 724. It was red brick with a black roof and door. There was a wild lawn and a single pink flamingo in a long black cloak with a high collar and "blood" covered fangs. She walked up to the door and knocked. A tall lean redhead with blue gray eyes answered. Tess was shocked; she'd expected some kid with thick glasses. "Um, Hi." She said. "Hello?" he replied in a confused voice. "I'm Tess." She wasn't angry anymore, she was strangely at ease. "I'm Scott." He said, motioning her inside "I know," She let slip. "I mean. Well, The reason I'm here is because..." "Because?" He prodded. "Because you checked out A Beautiful Mind, and before that Jane Eyre, and before that Freakonomics-" "What?" He interrupted. "You see for six months you have checked out the exact book I wanted every time. I came here to b angry at you for checking out what I wanted to read, again." She said her volume increasing. "Wait, you're telling me I have checked out the exact book you have wanted at the time for six months straight." She nodded. And that you came here to be angry at me." She nodded again. "And you got my address how?" "The librarian." She replied, defensively. "No need to snap, just trying to get everything straight." He said quickly. They just looked at each other. "Well I should be going." She said and walked out the door before Scott could say a word. The next day there were two books on her doorstep: A Beautiful Mind and The Once and Future King, the next book on her list. Next to that was the flamingo. It had a note around its neck reading: Hello Tess, I'm Dramingo; I need a loving home and new victims every other day, preferably attractive female flamingos. Sincerely, Dramingo Tess smiled as she stuck the flamingo in the ground and sat on her porch swing to start reading.

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