Please Pass to Sammy

September 1, 2007
Julian sat in his fourth block English class; the only sound is his heart pounding in his ears, so loudly he can barley hear him self think. He looks down at his blank sheet of note paper on his desk, it's not the first sheet he has used today, not even the fifth. Nothing he seems to write is good enough; it all seems to sound so corny. His hand shakes as he tries again to write some sort of friendly letter, you know not gushy or anything just friendly. Yeah that's all. Who was he kidding he was in love with her. She is the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He looked up shakily; trying to act calm she sat two seats in front of him to the right. Her crimson blond hair was long in front following up her jaw into a pixie cut in back. Her lips were two perfect pink lines, always parted in a beautiful warming smile. Her eyes a beautiful chocolate brown surrounded in a ring of gold. She was a swimmer one of the captains this year and she had an amazing athlete's body, complete with a six pack and amazing shoulders. She could probably bench her own weight and that turned him on. He watched her as she spun her pencil in her hand; he fantasized about her in a short party dress, thick lashes and dark eye liner, her lips a shady maroon color. She laughed hard and his day dream ended as suddenly as it had started. He looked to see what she was laughing at and saw that it was his buddy James talking about his theory on how he was going to take over the world. Again. He envied James so much he sat right next to Samantha Sammy for short, James didn't see her beauty, and always made fun of him for ogling over her. James wanted world conquer. He didn't care he knew what he wanted Sammy he blushed at his choice of words, well he wanted to go to home coming with her. And that brought him to where he was today, two weeks away from home coming. He had no date and rumor had it, neither did she. He had fallen in love with her eleven years before, at Kyle Lineman's eighth birthday party, when she taught him how to swim. He had been the only kid left still in the shallow end of the pool. She came over, staying with him, and until she taught him enough that he could pass the swim test. She probably doesn't even remember, he thought crumpling his other sheet of note book paper and stuffing it into his binder. He decided to give it a rest for a second; he took out another sheet and scribbled, James, you d***wad. Stop effing around, telling every one your plans to take over the world. You're embarrassing your self, and me.

-Julman P.S. Did Sammy say anything about me? I'm gonna ask her to home coming. He wadded it up and waited for Mrs. Harrison to walk back to the chalk board, before throwing his note right at James's head. It was about to hit him square on when Sammy's best friend Elizabeth's hand shot out and grabbed it. Oh dear God, please no, were the first thoughts through Julian's head. Oh God oh, God please doesn't let her read it. But she didn't open it. Her arm drew back and his heart stopped and he couldn't breathe as she launched it at Sammy. Everything seemed to be moving so fast but he still couldn't get up out of his chair fast enough, as Elizabeth shouted Hey Sammy, Julian wrote you a note! his heart screamed in terror. She tore open the note and laughed surely at his P.S. but suddenly she sent Elizabeth a death glare and slugged her in the arm. He knew she had been embarrassed that some one as uncool as him had even been thinking about her and she would be laughing for the rest of forever at him. She scribbled something down on the paper and turned around to throw it towards Julian, when Mrs. Harrison turned around. Julian, Samantha you both now have a detention tonight for passing notes. You know the rules. She said in the monotone voice she always had. But I have practice right after school, and I'm captain.ÓSammy pleaded You know the rules she repeated and there was no arguing.
The bell rang and every one left but Sammy and Julian, the two sat in the two closest seats to the front so Mrs. Harrison could keep an eye on them, she had them writing lines saying I will not pass notes. After ten minuets Mrs. Harrison came over and collected their papers Julian immediately tried to apologize but was interrupted by Mrs. Harrison What is this? I told you to write, ‘I will not pass notes. not, ‘I'd love to go to home coming with you Julian.

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