Less than Romantic

September 1, 2007
By Haley Pittman, Plano, TX

Out of the corner of her eye, Morgan saw his face. Her cheeks flushed to a bright shade of read, and she leaped up off the ground, bounding toward him as he did the same for her, their two hearts beating faster with each inch of ground that closed between them. The meadow grew brighter and their minds were blurred in the dizzying race. And then the two were together, their wild eyes caught in a long gaze. Morgan was the first to speak. Hello, Chris.Ó Hello, Morgan.Ó You seem well.Ó So do you.Ó Well, well I am not,Ó Morgan snarled. Oh, please. Could you just give it up for once?Ó Chris pleaded. Not before I rip your spleen out!Ó Morgan shrieked. My spleen?Ó he asked. Yes, your spleen,Ó WhoÕs ever heard of ripping out a spleen? It was just a dramatic outburst.Ó Well it wasnÕt a very good one. I mean, what does a spleen do, anyway?Ó How should I know?Ó Well, you were going to rip it out of me, remember?Ó Yes, but I do believe I already explained that that was a figure of speech.Ó No, you said it was a dramatic outburst, not a figure of speech.Ó WaitÉwhat were we talking about in the first place?Ó Chris asked after a while. Spleens. Ripping off body parts.Ó Morgan explained. Yes, but why were you mad anyway?Ó Morgan paused for a few minutes. I donÕt really remember.Ó Oh,Ó Chris said with a shrug. Then I guess IÕll see you later.Ó Morgan smiled. Yeah. Have a nice summer.Ó You too,Ó Chris called as he left the meadow waving. Morgan went back to sitting in the meadow, and watched as he sauntered far into the woods. That was when she remembered why she was mad anyway. WAIT!Ó she wailed into the distance. Oh man, Chris, I am going to saw off all of your phalanges one by one!Ó And with that, the orange sun dipped lazily over the horizon. Morgan was torn from him again, and she couldnÕt do anything about it. Eventually, the moon poked through the clouds, the stars glimmered like diamonds, and Morgan sat in the meadow, desperately wracking her brain for some more unusual body parts. She would get him next time, phalanges or no phalanges.

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