September 1, 2007
By Brooke Wheaton, Tipton, MI

Every single one of us is dealt a hand of cards, Each card represents your life; What happens to you, milestones, major events, etc. Some you will love, and others you will learn to accept. Some cards may hold your fate, and if you so dare as trade cards, you fail. Fate cannot be changed, tampered with, or messed with. For fate is destiny, and fate is faith. Believe in yourself and your life- and you shall be free. You shall be happy and wise. Use your cards wisely for there is no "sorry card." What happens in your life cannot be changed, and you will learn to live with the mistakes you have made. And you will love yourself and others. Do not be narcisstic like a king or queen, an Ace or a jack. Choose to be normal, unique and fee. Be a number.

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