My Tragic Birthday

September 1, 2007
By Alejandro Tapia, Chicago, IL

My name is Baird. It all happend on the day of my 16th birthday. it started out as any regular day of my life i would wake up 7am take a shower and brush my teeth. After doing all of that i went downstairs and fell due to little brother Cole leaving his skateboard on the stairs. I fell and broke my ankle I was rushed to the hospital. While my mom notified everybody that was going to be in the hospital for 3 weeks everybody and even my friends decided to not visit me in the hospital. I spend the rest of the time i was there just thinking of all the fun i could be having with my friends but instead i got stuck in this dumb old boring hospital.On of my ankle being broken the doctor also told that because of this i have been suffering of to much stress. After I got released of the hospital every day that i would wake up i would be careful of were i would step and to make sure that my brother is sleeping.

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