The Mystery of El Dorado

September 1, 2007
I, Athena am here to tell you today about the mystery of El Dorado.

The city was in the middle of a humid tropic jungle. Cybella the earth goddess formed the guardians of our city, tall sixty-foot trees, who surrounded much of our city. The fourth side was on the verge of the Shana River, meaning Sun River. When the sun comes up at that single pristine moment, the sun looks to be coming out of the river itself. Back in the beginning of creation, at the birth of earth and sky above, we decided to make one city Eternal. All the gods put part of their own being in to our beloved Tovo Koa. The volcano goddess PeleÕs fire hair warmed our cityÕs hot springs. For the inhabitants of our great city Yum Kimil and Inanna created people. Yum kimil gave death, feeling, and a want to destroy. Inanna gave love, a will to adapt, and her greatest gift she could have given, a will to live. The people who were chosen for our city had the godsÕ blessing. Our river was born from our tears for Atlantis. Atlantis sunk under the sea in exile after the minor gods to whom we gave Atlantis, began to mistreat her and use her to kill. The mist that shields the city from entry by water to keep out unwanted ones was given to us by Mummu the mist god. Tiamat the chaos goddess gave our chosen people a way to make their life interesting what is known as her gift; chaos. Artemis chose to give her very being into the city; animals would come freely to die so the chosen people could eat. She helped embody the trees with her spirit. Hephaestus gave it the gold it is known for; he wished to offer his own gift of being. I, Athena gave my protection. My being went into the city. It had been Artemis and I with HephaestusÕs help who forged from the sea, the great city of Atlantis, when Atlantis sunk it was I who chose to try again. I wished to create a city that was Eternal and would always be there. Artemis had almost become Atlantis before; it was her will that brought Atlantis to exile from her shame. I chose to completely throw my will into Tovo Koa; I would become the Eternal City. As the years went by Spanish conquistadors found their way into the city and called it El Dorado. They wanted the gold and riches our city held. They rooted and sacked our temples. They destroyed all our hard work; they hurt the people to whom we gave life. I chose then as Final guardian of our city if they chose to be disrespectful and be without respect, they would find to win our city they would have to fight. I knew, that what we had hoped for to live in peace in the city and not have humans destroy its beauty was all in vain. When they walked into our city they asked to die. My brother Poseidon summoned the water of our city to swipe our city clean, Pele summoned the ancient fires embodied in our springs to burn and burn forever, Artemis asked the trees to take the invaders and to strangle them to punish them for stepping foot in our land. We grasped what was left of our power and my protection and killed the invaders. After that the gods held council, and decided Tovo Koa was too dear to them to give to earth as we had planned. We decided since we created the immortal city we would vanquish its memory and location on earth except to a chosen few. When it rains in Tovo Koa it is the tears of the gods. Remembering what happened when our city was destroyed. We chose to take our city away from mortals, rarely would they see the final gift we gave to earth. Epilogue Tovo Koa was the godsÕ last creation. They left their soul within the city and the few travelers who manage to find the lost city think the city is haunted by the godsÕ spirits and the spirits of those killed defending the beloved city. They think that, and they remember Tovo Koa and they remember that the invaders killed the citiesÕ glory and life. Now only those who the city wants to find her will actually find it. The spirit of the city is still there but most of it went with the gods, when they left and when we stopped believing. The people left, who descended from the chosen people, are no more. Maybe, they left and were cousin to the Mayans and AztecÕs who died out long ago, or maybe they are still there unseen, taking care of the city that is in their care. Some say El Dorado and Atlantis are myths and not true. Maybe, there is another truth, that they were true once and disappeared when we stopped believing in them. I heard someone say once when I was little, That something is always true if you remember its story and believe it, though if you forget and choose to not believe it then for you its not true so donÕt spoil it for others, let them believe. These stories are kept alive today because someone heard them and saw hope and some truth to them. These stories are alive because we remember.

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