Dark Castle

September 1, 2007
By Jeffrey Drake, Nashville, TN

He laughed at there struggle he giggled at the tragedy he sat and watched, ge was was the keeper of the castle he was the MAGICIAN The stones were being layed And Kristy watched, she was a magicion, but he was her keeper, her Superior Kristy beleived it was her will to create the DARK CASTLE, but it was really the will of the magicion The slaves layed the stones the beginning of the Dark Castle, and the magicion watched all of this threw his globe The Magicion saw something else, a man who could threaten the Dark Castle, a strong man a man named DRAVEN Draven had set out on a quest to kill the soon to be queen Kristy and to kill the powerful man THE MAGICION The Magicion saw this man and became worried, Draven may accomplish his goal and that scared the Magicion So the Magicion began to set up absticles in the path of Draven, the first was a giant monsterus Wolf Draven had set out on his journey he had his long blade and a new weopen the Maker had called a gun The Maker had told Draven that the gun could be used and that to fire it you needed something called Boolets The Maker had been the one who told Draven of the future queen Kristy and of the dark man called the Magicion The Maker had told Draven of the magicion, of how he had six student, Kristy, and the deities known as the endlees The Endless were named for there power, Doom, Destrucion, Destiny,Dream, and Delerium Draven was told of how the the magecion's student Kristy would create an evil thing to rule all darkness He was told that the dark castle would be what she created, and Kristy would create a new endless known as Death Draven continued his journey and for days he walked, and walked and still he didn't reach the place were they were building the Dark Castle The Magicion watched as Draven walked on and on, and he still hadn't reached the Dark castle layout but he did reach the giant wolf When Draven reached the Wolf he wasn't fritghned at all he didn't know why, but he knew and he shot the Wolf in the head and it dropped dead Draven had know idea why he knew to shoot the wolf but he had known, he also knew somehow to relode the gun The Magicion saw the this all threw his globe, and he became enraged that his wrath killed hundreds of people on the earth The Magicion new that he would have to finish Draven on his own Yet the Magicion couldn't use a simple spell, Draven had some force protecting him, some mystical force The Magicion formed a plan to stop Draven, a plan that would require all the cards he could possibly play even if that included the Endless Draven walked on and on threw desert and forest and across oceons and more forest and on and on, over mountains, he walked the earth three times over, and was still far from the Dark Castle site Draven came upon a place were the stones for the Dark Castle were being made "My good men what taske be set upon you this day" Draven asked the men looked at him and then attacked him Draven was so fast the men hardly saw him, he fired every bullet in the guns and reloded them so fast that it was if he hadn't stopped firing Bye the time he stopped firing Draven had killed every man creating the blocks, but the blocks continued to make themeselves, soaking the blood of the fallen men Draven stared as the the blocks absobed the blood, he couldn't looke away Draven walked on and on, and for 10 years he walked untill he came upon the Dark Castle it was complete, and he couldn't help that but he could still kill Kristy and the dark one himself, the Magicion Draven had intended to looke for the Magicion, but the Magicion appered behind Draven "Who say you young traveller the merchant of death has arrived to take you to your demis" Draven turned toward him, and called back,"The merchant may meet his demise here today" Draven fired to shots at the the Magecion striking him in the head the Magicion was dead, but his ambition did not die The Magicions blood rose and formed into a human shape and it came after Draven, and no matter how many times Draven shot it it still came towered him Suddenly it stopped and fell apart and behind it stood the Maker, he himeself was a magicion "Draven, we must flee, Kristy has grown to powerful and she could kill us both" And Draven and the Maker fled to the black deserts were Kristy would only control at the height of her power. That is the story of Draven, and the Magicion, but there is more much more to come. "This will certify that the above work is completely original."

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