Some Ending

July 10, 2011
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A soul is screaming to escape a lifeless body. It lives inside a girl that doesn't feel emotion nor has devotion to anything, not even herself. She lives in a house full of people, a world full of love but yet she's all alone. Civilization was long lost to her, she was an animal through and through. Losing herself to the darkness she wishes she never knew. Every night it came to claim her sanity and kill every hope she ever had of getting out of this hell hole. Morning arrives and it brings the same hope as the day before, because while the Sun is up and shining, it gives the illusion of happiness, hope and mostly change. So she sits and waits for change to happen, hoping it may come before the darkness comes back...but nothing happens. She's lost to the darkness again and this time she doesn't plan to see the Sun again, the thing that promises all things good but never fills out its purpose. She is finally free and rid of this world and the soul is free to be everything and anything it's ever wanted to be.

Some ending.

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