July 21, 2011
<i>The bird hopped down from its perch, sensing that something was amiss in its cage. Was it… no, there was enough food and water. Was it… no, the temperature was fine. What was it? Suddenly, it knew. It felt a twinge of excitement as it peered at improperly closed door. One nudge of the latch, that’s all it would take… one nudge.

With that, the bird pecked at the door, trying to reach the latch, but it always seemed just out of reach. For a moment, it seemed to give up. Then, determination filled its small body and with one last peck, it opened the latch.

Chirping triumphantly, it flew out into the open air.

“Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” It chirped, making loopty loops and figure eights in the air. A small breeze then interrupted its celebration. Wait... a breeze… The window was open! The bird immediately flew outside

“Sunlight! Wind! Freedom!” It flew higher, higher, higher… As it flew, it quickly realized something… The world… It’s too big!

The bird twittered, as it looked down at the rows and rows of houses, trees, squares of grass. Where would it go? What would it eat? This wasn’t good. It had to get back! It quickly dived, trying to find its way home.

Where was shelter? Where was food? Where was safety!? It felt itself panic. They all looked the same! Every house looked the same! The bird fluttered from window to window, chirping loudly.

There it was! The open window! It quickly flew inside, perching on top of the cage, shaking with relief… </i>

“Mom! Tweety got out!”

“What? Where is he right now?”

“He’s on the cage!”

The mother quickly put down the plate she was holding, remembering the open window. “Don’t make any sudden movements! The window isn’t closed!”

The child nodded, watching as her mother walked into the room.

“Good… Just. Stay. Still.” With that, the mother slowly headed towards the open window, making sure not to startle the small bird… “There!” She closed the window with a small slam, causing the bird to take to the air. It was obviously frightened by the noise as it fluttered around the room.

“Tweety!” The little girl yelled, chasing the bird. “Come back Tweety!”

“Calm down,” The mother scolded, “you’re scaring him even more.”

The child slowly came to a stop, watching the bird with wide eyes as it perched on the ceiling fan. She glanced at her mother, unsure what to do. The mother caught the look and smiled at her daughter reassuringly.

“Watch this… Here Tweety. Come here.” She cooed, holding up a finger for the bird to perch on. It seemed to regard her for a moment before flying down, landing on the offered finger. The mother smiled. “That’s a good bird.” She said quietly, slowly moving towards the open cage.

The mother put her finger into the cage, watching as the bird jumped off and flew up to its wooden perch. She quickly closed the door, making sure that the latch was secure.

“There, everything’s fine now. Tweety’s safe.”

The child stared at her mother in awe, “That was so cool! How did you do that!?”

The mother smiled slightly, “I’ll tell you… after lunch. Come along now, I made your favorite.” The child grinned widely, skipping after her mother into the kitchen.

“Did you remember the pickles?”

Her mother smiled again. “Of course my dear…”

<i>The bird looked around its prison… it was safe.</i>

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