A Soul Catcher's Change Of Heart

July 20, 2011
By vzimmerman PLATINUM, Ontario, New York
vzimmerman PLATINUM, Ontario, New York
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An eerie fog expands over the peaceful lake near Grace's house. Staring out her bedroom window makes her quiver. "Dang draft." she says while she gets a woolen blanket to cover up with. "I have never seen a fog of such great mass," she mumbles to herself.
It's around midnight and living in the woods near a lake, silence is your closest friend. Rubbing her eyes she slips in bed trying to go to sleep, yet the image of the fog crawling over the calm lake made her sick. Something is not right. She glances once more out her window. After rubbing the window to make a tiny circle to see through, Grace finds the fog had vanish. "Me and my imagination," she says. Laughing a little to herself, she hops in bed. All was at ease, until there are footsteps downstairs, almost directly under her. She tiptoes over to the vent, to see downstairs. As all the color seems to run from her face like watercolor paint and it appears to be fog wavering over her downstairs floor. Her parent's bedroom was down the hall. No time to run in there she thought. She hides in the corner of her closet, like her parents had told her to do if an intruder would to come in. Holding her breath she hears the stairs creaking. One by one the creaks increase in volume, getting closer and closer, and sweat pours down her face. Her mind whispers, "Please, please please," over and over. Before she was even able to let out a sigh of relief, a line of light shot in her room from the hallway, and a burst of a paranormal energy enters the room, yet she tries to ignore it. She knows the energy was there for everything went cold and a mass seems to press itself fiercely on her chest, she knows that whatever it was knows exactly where she was hiding.
The icy temperature in the room took her breath away, Grace couldn’t seem to stop trembling rapidly from her palms to her face. The temperature was so frigid she could see her breath. Without her blanket or anything Grace believes she could die just from the cold itself. The air made it complicated to breathe especially since she was terrified. Just then what appears to look like a foggy grim reaper peeks his head around the corner, smiling. First she witnesses its’ eyes, just black sockets that seems to pierce your heart. His skeleton face reeks of the dead. It smells of decaying bodies and soil you find in graveyards. She tries to move back as far as she could in her closet. She could not see the rest of its body, nor did she want to. It was covered by a black raggedy cloak and the bottom fades away into a misty fog. Its’ left bone hand holds a net, and in his other hand he was pointing at her. The long brittle finger was so close to her face if it reached out another inch it would have hit the tip of her nose. He laughs a laugh of evil. The sound seems to ring throughout her body as the laughter echoes in the room then fades to complete silence. It came as close to her as possible. Grace closes her eyes tight as if this undefined creature were Medusa. Tears ran down her face. She was so stunned she couldn’t breathe or even scream.

With a devious grin it whispered to her. The smile was like a leering gargoyle. The peculiar crookedness of its teeth made her question what this thing had bitten so hard into. The whisper was so soft yet Grace heard it loud and clear as if this thing was screaming directly in her ear. Each word was slithered out of its’ mouth so slowly and it even seemed to hiss in a manner of a snake as well. "I am a soul catcher. And I'm afraid your soul, is mine." Grace now crying so much that she was shaking, had nowhere to go or nowhere to run, it was over. It simply placed the net on her chest right on her heart. Grace feels dizzy and she could see the color begin to drain from her finger tips leaving her but a subtle gray. As she grew weak the soul catcher becomes stronger more powerful more energetic. It had become revived.

With the end was only about a minute away now, Grace takes one deep last breath to say, “If it is my time, then that is how it shall be. If this is all I am meant to do then so be it. But I believe you, yes you Mr. Soul Catcher were once a good person. A good person maybe caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. A good person who just may have needed a friend to talk to.” She then pauses, coughs because she was becoming so weak, then continues. “I wish I could have changed your heart. For you made me more grateful for my life now than ever before.” Grace wasn’t done talking but her bottom half of her face fades to gray. As the soul catcher stares in her eyes for one last time, a single tear fell down her face. When her whole body was as gray as stone, it holds her and cradles her. The limp, lifeless, lone girl rested in this demon’s hands, the same very hands he used to take lives. He gazes in her colorless eyes, lifeless and no passion. He falls in love. This soul catcher, this thing with no heart seemed to care and was full of guilt from what he had done. He lifted her up and hugged her, put his head on her shoulder and let out long cries even though no tears seemed to run down. But eventually she fades to mist and disappears.
For the first time ever, he regrets taking an innocent girls life. For the first time he sits there where he had killed one of his victims, he looks to the ceiling, to the heavens it seems, and lets out a long scream in agony. His mouth wide while screaming from this torture, he then slumps his head down, drops his net and covers his face with his hands trying to hide his saddened mind. It was the very first time this soul catcher, didn’t want to catch souls, he wanted to save them.

The author's comments:
Just a short story I wrote.

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