City Street MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   A woman swam elegantly towards me through the crowdedstreet. She had long black hair, pale skin, and was wearing a dark and flowingdress that swirled in the river around her. She flickered between beauty andugliness as she moved. A mirage of the city streets. A bent-over man clinging tothe island of a storefront watched her pass. I suspected he had a glass eye, foronly one eye moved to follow her. In his hand the man held a long piece of dirtyrope. This rope was a leash for a small and excited dog who dipped in and out ofthe current in a frenzy. He made attempts to nip at the heels of the many fishwho darted by. I shied away from the tiny creature as I passed. In doing so Ibumped into a large woman doing the backstroke in a business suit and pumps. Shescowled at me with all her authority. "Sorry," I mumbled. She sped awayand I continued my slow fight upstream.

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i love this !


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