jane's necklace

July 16, 2011
By , virginia bach, VA
It was supposed to be one of the best nights of my life. Jane called me that morning and told me the she was ready.I couldn't believe it,after dating two years she was ready to have sex.Don't get me wrong we did other tings but this was different;more special. I loved her more than any person could love another human being.She was my soul mate and i was going to marry her,I even had the ring in my pocket ready to pop the question.After i got off work i went home and took a shower and all ut ran down the street to Janie's house.We grew up together..she was my best friend.I went to her window like i did a thousand times before and noticed the window was wide open.I looked through the window and look at Jane's room;trashed.Everything was destroyed all her furniture knocked over,glass broken all her Cd's on the floor along with her photos..She was going to be a photographer.I noticed blood on the window and called 911.After that it was all a blurr,the questions i couldn't answer.The things they kept from me.weeks turned into months and still no sign of my Jane.After a year the cops stopped caring but i never did.She was dead though i could feel it but i couldn't move on,i had to find her killer before i could put my life back;what little i had left.I stayed up all day and night doing research about who was wear and doing what and who they were with.One night at 4:34AM i s man down the street looking at Jane's house.i knew this man.He moved into the neighborhood three weeks before Jane disappear.I googled his name and several links came up most saying'lance green convicted of rape'.My mouth dropped to the floor.I looked out the window again and saw he was gone.After that i snuck out my window and went to his house.All the lights were off so i went around back.He had a small tree line and i crept through it and walked all the way to the back tripping on branches and going through spider webs,and then finally a big mound of dirt.I looked at it and small tulips were coming out of it.Jane loved tulips and then something caught my eye;a small gold heart.Jame's necklace!I knew then that he was the killer and that Jane is no longer in vain.

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