Annabelle's Dog

July 16, 2011
By Anonymous17 BRONZE, Googleville, Maryland
Anonymous17 BRONZE, Googleville, Maryland
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Chapter 1: The start of it all
One day, little Annabelle was walking down the street to go see her friend, May. As she walked, she thought about how lonely she was just while walking down the street. Annabelle wanted to have someone with her at all times because she was very shy.
A few minutes later, Annabelle looked down an alley before she crossed it, to make sure there were no cars. What Annabelle saw down that alley made her stop, and go down that alley, instead of going to her friend’s house. Annabelle had found a dog that was eating out of the trash.
“What’s your name, little doggie?” Annabelle said to the dog.
The dog just looked up at her, and looked scared.
“You look like you need a friend. And some food; do you want me to get you some food?”
The dog sat down, and turned its head to look at the trash.
“You do! Stay right there. I’ll be back with food.”
Annabelle was a very sweet little girl, and everyone she knew would always give her tre ats from their stores for free. So Annabelle went into her favorite place, and got some special treats for the dog.

Chapter 2: The food
When Annabelle got back, though, the dog had vanished. Annabelle set the food down by the trash the dog was eating before, and looked around for the dog. After a couple minutes, she heard chewing noises coming from the trash, and found the dog was eating the treat.
“You sure do know how to hide, doggie. And eat; I’ve never seen a dog eat that fast! When you’re done, I’m going to see if you have a collar on under that fur.”
The dog licked its lips after looking at Annabelle and barked. Then it went back to eating.
“Well thank you doggie. I’m glad you like it. Can I come a little closer now?” Annabelle edged closer, just a couple steps, as the dog was finishing the treat.
Annabelle sat down, a few feet away from the dog, and waited to see what it would do next. To her surprise, it went over to her, and sniffed her outstretched legs. Annabelle forgot about looking for a collar after that surprise.
After sniffing up to her knees, the dog moved up to her fingers and sniffed those. Then the dog got in her lap and lay down.

Chapter 3: The walk
“Well, doggie, I can’t stay sitting here in the alley all day. I have to be at a friend’s house soon. Why don’t you come along?”
Annabelle shifted in her seat and the dog looked up at her.
“Please, doggie. Come along,” Annabelle said, after she stood up and looked back at the dog.
The dog sat down and barked at her once.
“Doggie, come with me, or I won’t feed you anymore.”
At the word food, the dog stood up and walked to her side, and then barked looking at her. Annabelle followed the dog’s command, and walked on towards her friend’s house. May always had gingersnaps when she came over, and figured her mom wouldn’t mind her giving some to the dog.
On the front walk to May’s house, Annabelle looked back towards the dog, and saw that it stayed on the sidewalk near the street.
“What’s wrong doggie? May’s my friend, and she shouldn’t scare you. Her daddy is a little scary, but he’s not home today. May ’s mommy is nicer than May; she always has good food to eat. Come on, doggie.”

Chapter 4: The friend
Unfortunately, the dog didn’t come. Annabelle turned her head towards the house, and took a step, hoping the dog would follow. When Annabelle looked back towards the street, the dog was running back down the street towards the alley.
Before Annabelle could go after it, May came to the door and told her to come in.
“Okay,” Annabelle sighed.
After a few hours of playing dolls, Annabelle suggested playing with May’s stuffed animals, especially her dogs. May said no, but said that they could play it in a couple hours. They would have snacks, and then play jump rope first.
Again Annabelle sighed and said okay.
When Annabelle walked home, she looked everywhere for that dog, and tried calling out, “Here doggie!” by the alley. The dog wasn’t there, or it just wouldn’t come out to see her. Either way, Annabelle was not happy, and wanted to see her doggie. Annabelle left some gingersnaps in the alley for the dog, and walked back out to the sidewalk. After Annabelle walked home, her mom gave her dinner, and then put her to bed.
For a week, Annabelle went to the alley and played with her doggie. She fed him every day, and told it all her secrets. When Annabelle got sick, she couldn’t feed or play with her doggie, but she tried her best to get well soon.

Chapter 5: The missing dog?
After a few days, Annabelle was well, and went to the store for her mom. When she went past the alley, Annabelle stopped, turned around, and looked down it. She didn’t see the dog, but then Annabelle thought about how lonely she was, and saw the dog behind a trash can. Annabelle almost called for it, when she stopped, and stared at the dog.
Annabelle had realized that the dog was only her imagination. She had made up the dog in order to not be lonely, and when she wasn’t lonely, the dog disappeared. The dog had disappeared when Annabelle went to her friend’s house and when she went home, because she wouldn’t think of him then.

Chapter 6: The new friends
Annabelle quickly stopped thinking about being lonely, and as the dog disappeared, Annabelle saw a little girl and her parents move in a house across the street from the alley. Annabelle knew that she wouldn’t ever be lonely again.
A week later, Annabelle had a birthday, and in one of the boxes her parents gave to her to open was a puppy. Annabelle now had a real dog, but it looked exactly like her imaginary doggie that she saw in the alley. Her new friend walked down the street with her to get some treats for the dog, and Annabelle remembered to look down the alley before she crossed it. This time, she didn’t see anything but trashcans. Annabelle was happy to be walking with a friend to the store.

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